Back To School 2011

I can't believe it is already time for the kids to go back to school.  I can add too early back to school in the don't like column of Arizona along with scorpions, spiders, haboobs and heat.  We would still have two more weeks of summer if we were in Colorado.
Kaitlin started Kindergarten this year! :(  She has blossomed so much over the last year and has become a little social butterfly.  Kaitlin is such an affectionate girl, I really hoped and prayed for a soft spoken and lovable Kindergarten teacher.  From the first day it seems her teacher is going to be a wonderful fit!

Karlie is a big 2nd grader and was really excited to make some new friends.  Her teacher is about as warm and nice as they come.  Karlie made two new friends and was already invited for play date!
Hailey is the queen of the school this year as a 5th grader.  They have a homeroom and rotate through their core classes, which is an exciting change for her.  The moment she walked through the door a girl came up to her and asked her if she was friends with Grace.  Apparently a girl from church (Grace) had told her friend about Hailey and to find her and make friends with her.  Hailey was really happy to have someone to play with at recess and eat lunch with.
These girls are going to miss this.  They played a lot all summer.  Not having their own friends around allowed them to share a special bond this summer.  I think we have all grown a little closer since the move.
Kaitlin at her table.  After we hung up her backpack I took her out to the playground to say goodbye.  She saw the swings and wanted me to push her.  I told her I knew she could pump and swing herself.  It was time for me to go.  To let her go swing on her own.  Once again the tears overfilled my eyes as I kissed her head and sent her running to the swings.  The outdoor duty volunteer rubbed my arm and said, "it's harder on us than them."  Her eyes began to water and I decided I had better get to the school's Boo-Hoo breakfast before I really lost it.  My little flower is off to swing high.  The time goes so fast.  I wish I had just a little more time to push her and hear her giggle.
Karlie made fast friends with the girl next to her.  It is just the two girls at a table with 6 boys!  Karlie said the teacher told her and her girlfriend that she put them there special to show the boys the way to behave. :)  Surprisingly Karlie was the most clingy and reluctant to let me go.  Luckily her teacher hugged her and gave her a special picture to color when I left.

I didn't want to mortify Hailey, so I just gave her a hug and spared her the picture at her desk.  Sniff, Sniff.  Soon I won't even be able to hug her goodbye.

We decided at the last minute to go to the Arizona Diamondbacks game to celebrate the first day of school!  Clearly four kids has relaxed us.  Out late at a baseball game on the first night of school!  Pass their bedtime and full of popcorn and candy?!  If the morning of letting them go taught me anything, it taught me to seize the day!
Unfortunately our team stinks and by the 3rd inning they were losing 7-0!!  The fans were booing their own guys.  But the stadium was air conditioned and the kids could dance and yell as much as they wanted because we had no one around us.  It was Hank and Kaitlin's first time to the ballpark!
My mom is here to see the kid's school, meet their teachers and for their first big day! Secretly I think she knew I would need a little support on that first day.  Its been a rough summer of change and I am never ready for the kids to go back.  It was especially hard this year.  Thanks for holding my hand mom.


Courtney said...

Can't believe it's that time again-SCHOOL! They are growing up way too fast.
And we can never outgrow our Mother's love, right?!

Lacey said... guys start early!! We don't start until the 22nd. I hate when they go back to school too...I will have two in big school this year- boo hoo!!! Glad your mama was there to hold your hand. I hope they girls have a GREAT school year!!

Heather said...

Hope all goes well!

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