Hank's 1st Day of School

Today Hank started preschool!  He will go on Monday and Wednesdays from 9 - 2 at a church preschool nearby.

It was my first morning of doing everything times 4!

4 Lunches?  Check.
4 Water bottles?  Check.
4 Backpacks?  Check.

4 sun screened kids?

Max met me at Hank's school.  He knew I would need a hug after letting Hank go.
Hank kept asking, "Can I go now?"  As soon as he got in his class, his teacher showed him his cubbie and he started playing with all the toys.  He was thrilled.  He didn't even hug us goodbye.  He just waved and went back to playing.
In the car the tears I had been fighting were finally allowed to flow.  Tears of joy and sadness.  I am so happy for Hank.  So happy he is healthy, happy and ready for school (so much better adjusted than his mother).  I should be happy that he was not clingy or crying and wanting to stay with me.  He is ready to fly.  I am just not entirely ready.

You see, for the last decade I have been raising babies and kids.  Someone has always needed me.  Needed me for nearly every waking hour and in many cases even in the sleeping hour!  For the first time in a very long time I am alone.  I have ten hours a week now with just me, without anyone needing me.  I know many moms would shout for joy.  Sure I will be happy to run errands alone and can start making great meals.  I will have time to do all those little projects I have been putting off and start volunteering.  Heck, I might even be able to finish a few books.  But I am done with yet another chapter in my life.  I am now a mom to school-age kids.  No longer am I a mom to babies or toddlers.  The chapters are ending faster than I would like.  While many wonderful chapters still await to be written, by far some of my best have been read.


Lacey said...

AWww...Katie...you made me weepy. I can't believe Hank is old enough to go to school. I feel like I was just looking at your positive pregnancy test!! Crazy how fast time flies. I am with you and hate it. Wish it would slow down. But you will get used to having some time to yourself, and you will enjoy it!! XOXOXO

Courtney said...

Sweet memories for sure....but like you said, so many more fun ones to come! You are such a loving, fun, and nurturing mother-they will always need you-maybe even when they think that they don't! ;)
So happy you will get a few hours a week to do things for YOU! Wish I could be there to have weekly coffee after drop off.

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