A Painting We Will Go

 We have lots of fun weekends of painting ahead of us.  Max painted the family room right away.  The color they had for the family room and our bedroom was a yellow, brown that had the feel of Santa Fe gone wrong.

It was a really warm color but I think we are good on the warm here.
 Had to get a giant ladder since the ceilings are 14 feet.
He might not send flowers but he is romantic in his own way.  :)


We still have lots of decorating to do but at least we have walls that calm us rather than give us hot flashes.

Next on the chopping block was Karlie and Kaitlin's room...  RED ROOM had to die.  This was how they had the room.  The girls immediately took sharpie (under dad's supervision) and wrote GIRLS ROCK and put a D in front of the RULE.  They also added K Buddies RULE.  Their first (hopefully last) graffiti.

We let them pick their paint.  Each got two walls.  Karlie really wanted a shamrock green but we warned her it would be really dark.  So she opted to highlight her letters of her name with the dark green instead and go with a soft green.  Kaitlin was also fond of hot pink and did the same.
Baby dolls, books and Barbies.

The bathroom is also blood red, so it will get a face lift as well.  But Hailey's room is next!
I am sure Max is going to want to work weekends with all the painting he has ahead of him.


Courtney said...

It is looking GREAT! Love the more neutral shade you chose for the living room. Your furniture fits and looks perfect in that room too! You all are on top of it..as you know, Bodi's room is still purple seven months later...:)
Glad you are making it your own.

Lacey said...

LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!! I love the paint colors you have chosen!!! Gorgeous!!

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