Power to the People- Right On!

The reality of the move is slowly setting in.  We have been lucky enough to have Max's parents visit, my Mom has come twice and my Dad, sister and RJ came for a weekend too!  With all the visitors, it has felt more like home or like we are on vacation.  I can only hope we can continue to lure family and friends to visit often.
The girls got a special treat from Aunt Bubbus.  Feathers in their hair!  Karlie chose green.
Hailey liked the first 3 colors of the rainbow.

Kaitlin got pink and purple.
They have loved the fashionable feathers and received many compliments.  Thank you Bubbus!
It felt like old times swimming.
We watched Annie and the boys checked out.  At one point Max, Papa and RJ were all asleep.  So the chick flicks begin. :)
One of the favorite parts of the visit was a slumber party.  RJ was in high demand.  He was sweet enough to offer to sleep with Hank one night.  Hank was thrilled.  His first sleepover.
One day while my Mom, sister and I were out shopping, the boys kept the kids in the pool (for over 5 hours!!!).  They taught them this little song.  Power to the People.  It was a really fun weekend and we are looking forward to more good times together.  Miss and love you.


Courtney said...

Looks like you are getting good use of the pool! I love having family here to visit too. I think you needed some help breaking in the sq footage! ;)

Lacey said...

Yeah for visitors!! I am so glad you family has come to visit so much already!! It was great talking with you last week. I have missed you!!

Anonymous said...

We miss you so much but what a great time we had at the Oasis! RJ is still singing Power to the People. Can't wait to see all of you again soon. Love you!

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