Thursday 13 ~ Things I Like About Living in Arizona

One day when I was blue about our approaching move to Arizona my girlfriend reminded me to play the glad game.  For those of you who have never played, for everything you can think of you don't like, you have to think of something you do like.  So, I decided it was time to play a round of the glad game. :)  Here are 13 things I do enjoy about living in Arizona.

1.  The title and registration fees.  We paid a quarter to half as much to license our vehicles here.  It only cost 25 bucks for personalized plates for two years!  I couldn't resist.
2.  My car.  While I have always loved my black bus, I worship her AC.  It is the only place I can be as cold as I want.  I try to see how long I can handle goosebumps.  Sometimes I go for a drive just to feel the frigid AC.  It is like free gold.  

3.  Max's job.  It is truly amazing.  He hasn't been this happy in years.  His department is like a family.  At a party they had to welcome us, one of his colleagues told me it is like being a part of the Mafia.  He said, "we all have your back.  If you need anything, just call!"  I have had numerous wives call and check on me and give us things to do to beat the heat and where great spots for kids are.  The kids have really latched on to Max's boss and his wife.  They have been so supportive, it is such a blessing.

Since we live 5 minutes from the clinic, Max is seeing us two to three hours more a day!  That averages to 600 hours more a year.  Over Hank's remaining years at home that is 375 days!  Over a year more of quality time.  The kids have all got to go and have lunch dates with Daddy.  Hank wore his scrubs on his day.

4.  Having our own pool.  Growing up in California we had a pool and I have so many fond memories.  Kids and water just go hand in hand.  It is like a party every weekend.  We have started Friday Fun Night with Pizza by the Pool.  They get to swim until bedtime.

5.  I guess it is the cowgirl in me, but with all the sun and pool time,  Max is wearing his cowboy hat a lot more.  I use to only get to see it when he mowed the lawn, now I get to see it all weekend!  Yee-Haw!

6. Trader Joe's!  Colorado has yet to attract a Trader Joe's.  This basil plant cost the same as one of those little tiny fresh basil at the super market - $2.99!!!  Plus they have 2 buck Chuck and a 6 pack of beer for $2.99.  Oh the amounts of basil and cheese yumminess we have been eating!  And of course who could resist some 2 buck Chuck to go along?
7.  Our fridge and freezer!  I didn't even know they could be this big!  Our fridge can hold 5 gallons of milk, juice, Coffee-mate and the entire weeks worth of groceries plus an 18 pack of beer.  We were able to turn off our garage fridge and freezer because it all fits in these.  They are nice and wide but shallow so you can see everything.  A true joy.

8.  Tan fat is better than white fat.  Max and I have the best tans we have ever had in our lives.  Its a good thing since the cheap beer and wine are keeping us plump.  (We won't talk about Arizona being the skin cancer capital of the nation and second only to Australia in the world right now because we are playing the glad game.)

9.  The kids' school start time.  The girls don't start school until 8:45!  That is a whole hour later than in Colorado.  We have always been early risers so we get all our chores done in the morning, have lots of time for multiple breakfasts and don't have to have a rushed morning.
10.  The bus drops the girls off at our driveway!  They were the only ones getting off at the stop, so the driver just started bringing them right to the house!

11.  The heat is good for one thing...  Tropical flowers.  I have always loved the tropical plants.  I plan to fill our backyard with hibiscus, birds of paradise, and as many palm and citrus trees that will fit.  This was our first addition.  It bloomed shortly after we planted it.
12.  Zonies.  I have yet to meet a rude person.  Maybe the sweltering heat just zaps all the meanness out of everyone.  I always thought Colorado was a friendly place but I have found people to be even nicer here.  It may be their wild west foundations.  There are a lot of Christians and even the newspaper has a daily prayer!  GASP.  I like their God Lovin and Gun Tote'n persuasion.

13.  The sunsets.  Colorado has some pretty incredible sunsets, however Arizona gives them some stiff competition.  What makes it all the more beautiful is that the temperature drops.  Maybe some Pavlov's conditioning working there?


Lacey said...

Yeah for some things you love about Arizona. I bet your list will only continue to grow as you live there. So happy Max has a great job that he loves and is close to home. You have many things to be thankful for Katie!! Arizona is starting to become one of them. :)

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