Happy Halloween!

 Happy Halloween from MKHKKH!
 We figured the desert needed a few Superheros to keep the neighborhood safe from scorpions, snakes, spiders, bobcats, and javelinas! 
We always knew we had super kids. :)  We hope you have a super night!

Jack-O'-Lanterns Desert Style

 Yesterday we carved our pumpkins.

 It was strange to be outside in the upper 80s with tank tops and shorts on as we turned our pumpkins into jack-o'-lanterns.
 Hailey did her pumpkin 100% on her own this year!
 Max helped Hank carve a Batman jack-o-lantern.
Kaitlin told me what shapes to put where to create her masterpiece.
Karlie did the tracing for her's but needed help cutting.   Grammy won the blue ribbon for her skeleton pumpkin.
I think our pumpkins are pretty happy.

Cath and The Kids

 Cath and the kids came to visit us for their fall break!  We had so much fun playing.  It was like old times.
 The kids have always played so well together.  They just picked up where they left off and had a blast.  Jack and Hank are the brother neither has but have always wanted.
 We even made mermaid tails.  It seems our school is growing.
 With all that estrogen swimming around, the boys had to stick together.
 There was lots of eating (what's new?).  After having 7 kids ages 3-10 in the house, multiple grocery trips, and insane amounts of dishes; I can not imagine how the Duggars do it!
 We visited the Railroad Park.

 We went to McDonald's Ranch to visit Arizona's best attempt at a pumpkin patch.
 The ladies practiced lassoing bulls.
 Hank kept asking if there was going to be a pig on McDonald's Farm.  He was elated when he found Wilbur.  He just hugged him over and over.
 A genuine cowboy named Dallas took us out to the pumpkin patch.  He let Jack and Hank sit up front.  He said in his best, throaty cowboy voice, "Me, Jack and Hank go way back."  The three cowboys discussed fishing, Star Wars and Colorado.  Dallas holed up in Durango for a time.  He gave Jack a horseshoe to take home.
 I just can't get on board with a pumpkin patch in the desert with it so warm outside that tank tops are in order.  But I think I am the only stick in the mud.  The kids had a hootin and hollerin good time riding horses, doing sack races, throwing horseshoes, petting bunnies, chickens, goats, donkeys and cows.  Hank, who has been allergic to animals in the past, did well enough I let him ride the horse too.  He was thrilled and exclaimed, "I never rid a haus before!"
Thank you so much for spending your break with us.  You filled our house with laughter and joy.  We miss you already.  Y-all come back now ya-hear!?!

Totally Taylor!!!

 Saturday night we were lucky enough to go to the Taylor Swift concert!!!
 I bought tickets when we first moved here in hopes of getting the girls excited about their new home.  I had bought 6 tickets because I didn't know if we would have a babysitter for Hank.  We have since found a great gal to watch the kids.  Since we didn't have to bring Hank, Hailey got to bring her BFF!  There was so much girl giggling going on.
 I think I was as excited about this night as they were. Nothing gets me more pumped than making my kids' dreams come true.  Last night was one of those really happy and memorable nights where everything goes as planned or better than. :)
 We got all glittered up with sparkling shirts, lip gloss, and glitter in the girls' hair.
 Then we got there and waited.... And waited.  The girls were not interested in the opening acts.  Where was Taylor!?!?!
 Finally at 8:30 she came on!
 Hailey and her friend screamed SO loud they were nearly hoarse by the end of it.

 It was awesome when Taylor walked through the pit and came sang right by us!
 Biggest Fans!
 I must say that it was a very good concert and that Taylor Swift must be one of the nicest, most grateful singers in the business.  She was wonder struck with thunderous, shrieking crowd.  (Max and I were deaf.  Thank goodness for the ear plugs I brought!)
Poor Kaitlin tired to hang on but crashed out at 10:30.  We didn't make it home until midnight.  I guess our princess turned into a pumpkin.  It was a perfect first concert for our ladies.  Max and I were overjoyed as we watched them belt out the lyrics and scream, "I love you Taylor!!!"  It was a Totally Taylor night!

Bringing the Boo

 We brought a little Colorado Halloween Spirit with us and started a Boo sensation in our neighborhood.  We made these Pumpkin Treats for our Boo Bags.
 The kids had so much fun picking out little treats for their friends.  But they were beyond excited as dark approached and we loaded up to Boo them.  Hailey kept saying her tummy was dropping.  We successfully dropped the treats, rang the bell and left unknown at both houses!  Hank busted us the next morning at the bus stop when he could no longer contain himself and blurted out, "We did it!"  The two friends we Booed had never been Booed.  We have since been booed back and we see the chain of boo as more and more doors have the We've Been Booed sign hanging on them.
We are now onto Booing people Max works with.  We are having a Spooktacular October spreading a little Boo around the desert.
Here is the Booghram (just click on it to print) if you would like to spread a little tradition in your neighborhood.

Max's Morgue

Our annual Skelly Jammies led to Max's Morgue.

Pathologist sense of humor...


 Our last stop before arriving home was to drive through Sedona, AZ which is only an hour and a half from us.  Oak Creek Canyon is often referred to as a small cousin of the Grand Canyon.
 The scenery is breath taking.
 We were about a week early for the peak fall colors, but we were very happy with the beautiful colors that were starting.

 These caterpillars were everywhere along our hike.  If anyone is a caterpillar expert and wants to inform us why they are all out in mid October, I would be delighted to know.  Seems pretty late for moths and butterflies, but I am not in Kansas anymore.

 The girls were the official caterpillar look out crew.  They alerted us not to step on each one they found.
 After our incredible hike in Oak Creek Canyon, we drove to Slide Rock.
 The kids decided this was God's playground since there was a natural water slide.
 First Max took Hailey down the slide to test the rapids.
 It was ice cold!
 Hailey loved it!
 Next up was Karlie.

 Kaitlin could hardly wait for her turn.
 Then she felt the water and thought twice about it.
 But she was all smiles.
 Poor Max had to brave God's freezing, cold slide 4 times.  Hank did not enjoy it as much as the girls did, so as they slid by,  I pulled him out.
 Sedona was a grand finally to our wonderful trip to conquer one more state in the Family Fifty.

 Boy are my expectations high for the remaining 40. :)