Balloon Fiesta 2011

Since I hadn't tortured my family enough the night before, we woke the kids up at 4 am to get down to the final morning of the Balloon Fiesta!  It was 32 degrees out as we watched the Dawn Patrol balloons begin to ascend. 

There was a palpable excitement in the air as 100s of balloons began to inflate.

 This was the 40th Anniversary of the Balloon Fiesta.  "The Greatest Show Off the Earth!"
 The national anthem was sang as the alien balloon rose with the flag.
 It is the largest ballooning event on earth!
 Pilots from over 20 countries were represented at the event.
 It is the most photographed event on the planet.
 Over 800,000 people will attend during the week long Balloon Fiesta.
 It is the largest international event held in the US.
A little reminder of home.
 100 special shape balloons were at the fiesta.
 Darth Vader was the favorite.  They had a team of Storm Troopers to take pictures with.  I got the best picture of Hank with them, but he deleted the photo off my phone before I got to transfer it. :(
 Mass ascension of nearly 700 balloons takes 2 hours.
 Our eyes just feasted as the balloons continued to ascended around us.  This was Spider Pigs first year!  We were all excited to see the Colorado Balloon!
 This was one of those rare times that the experienced exceeded my expectations.  The kids enjoyed it as much as Max and I did.  It was spectacular.  If you ever get the chance to go, do it.  It really is the greatest show off earth!

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Lacey said...

Those pictures look are awesome!! Such a neat event!! And please tell me that you didn't take all these with your phone?? If so I need some camera phone lessons. ;0) So glad you guys had a great time!