Bringing the Boo

 We brought a little Colorado Halloween Spirit with us and started a Boo sensation in our neighborhood.  We made these Pumpkin Treats for our Boo Bags.
 The kids had so much fun picking out little treats for their friends.  But they were beyond excited as dark approached and we loaded up to Boo them.  Hailey kept saying her tummy was dropping.  We successfully dropped the treats, rang the bell and left unknown at both houses!  Hank busted us the next morning at the bus stop when he could no longer contain himself and blurted out, "We did it!"  The two friends we Booed had never been Booed.  We have since been booed back and we see the chain of boo as more and more doors have the We've Been Booed sign hanging on them.
We are now onto Booing people Max works with.  We are having a Spooktacular October spreading a little Boo around the desert.
Here is the Booghram (just click on it to print) if you would like to spread a little tradition in your neighborhood.

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Lacey said...

We were booed last week and although they hid well, my kids were bound and determined to find them....and we did. :) So fun. WE need to get our two boo's out this weekend. I bet your neighborhood LOVES having you spread some October cheer!!