Cath and The Kids

 Cath and the kids came to visit us for their fall break!  We had so much fun playing.  It was like old times.
 The kids have always played so well together.  They just picked up where they left off and had a blast.  Jack and Hank are the brother neither has but have always wanted.
 We even made mermaid tails.  It seems our school is growing.
 With all that estrogen swimming around, the boys had to stick together.
 There was lots of eating (what's new?).  After having 7 kids ages 3-10 in the house, multiple grocery trips, and insane amounts of dishes; I can not imagine how the Duggars do it!
 We visited the Railroad Park.

 We went to McDonald's Ranch to visit Arizona's best attempt at a pumpkin patch.
 The ladies practiced lassoing bulls.
 Hank kept asking if there was going to be a pig on McDonald's Farm.  He was elated when he found Wilbur.  He just hugged him over and over.
 A genuine cowboy named Dallas took us out to the pumpkin patch.  He let Jack and Hank sit up front.  He said in his best, throaty cowboy voice, "Me, Jack and Hank go way back."  The three cowboys discussed fishing, Star Wars and Colorado.  Dallas holed up in Durango for a time.  He gave Jack a horseshoe to take home.
 I just can't get on board with a pumpkin patch in the desert with it so warm outside that tank tops are in order.  But I think I am the only stick in the mud.  The kids had a hootin and hollerin good time riding horses, doing sack races, throwing horseshoes, petting bunnies, chickens, goats, donkeys and cows.  Hank, who has been allergic to animals in the past, did well enough I let him ride the horse too.  He was thrilled and exclaimed, "I never rid a haus before!"
Thank you so much for spending your break with us.  You filled our house with laughter and joy.  We miss you already.  Y-all come back now ya-hear!?!

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Courtney said...

Yay for family visits! Looks like you all had a blast!