As we continued our journey home, we stayed a few nights in Flagstaff to enjoy a true  fall.
 Hiking in the San Fransisco Mountains, which are from an extinct volcano.
 Walking on trees.
 Seeing pretty fall leaves.
 Climbing rocks.
 He thinks he is King of the world!
Hanging out with the pack.
  Listening to the aspen quaking.
 Smelling that crisp mountain air.
 Max just couldn't resist taking the 4 wheel drive trail.  I reminded him that the black bus is a city car but he wanted to see what she could do and had to get a little mud on the tires.
 The kids were delighted and giggled endlessly as they were tossed back and forth.  I seep a jeep in our future...
 We tried to be outside in the cool upper 60s as much as possible.
 The kids had a blast tackling Daddy and playing in the grass.
 He was a little outnumbered.
 But I think he was okay with it as they rolled in the grass for over an hour!
 It was really nice few days away from the heat and to feel like it was fall.
We are now back in the pool and in flip flops.  When we left Flagstaff it was 38 degrees.  When we arrived home, it was 98 degrees.  That is quite the range for a three hour drive!  I think we will be making the drive a lot!  Like maybe Max will be commuting.  :)


Courtney said...

I can't believe it's only a 3 hour drive! I see a vacation condo in your future. ;) Beautiful scenery, so glad you could enjoy some crisp fall air.
Your family couldn't be any cuter.

Lacey said...

It's the banded woolly bear caterpillar. They come out in the Fall. ;0) Looks absolutely GORGEOUS!! And looks like the kids are loving it there. They look so happy on this trip-so do you!!!! ;0)