New Mexico

In quest of our 10th state, we set off for New Mexico's annual Balloon Fiesta!  We were encouraged as we departed and a rainbow appeared before us.  We took this as a good omen for our event filled trip ahead!

Our theme song for this trip was the Circle of Life from Lion King.  The beginning of the song starts out with a very memorable start.  Hank thinks it is "Jalepenoooo Oh My Kichiwa!"  We were all singing it through out our trip.  Hopefully every time they hear the song, they will be transported to the Balloon Fiesta.
Every time we started our drive, I blared the Circle of Life to start our journey.  They also got a surprise when I had the Lion King DVD for them to watch.  Thank the Lord for car DVDs!  It make driving so easy and enjoyable.
New Mexico here we come!!
After checking into our hotel that we have deemed the RIO RAUNCHO (the price you pay for reserving a hotel a week before an event that brings over 100K people to Albuquerque!  Hopefully we didn't bring any bedbugs home with us.  LOL) we headed to the Balloon Fiesta for the Twilight Twinkle Glow.  The balloonist light up their balloons like lanterns in the dark.
But first we had to stuff our face with as much fair style dinner as we could.  We had a nutritious dinner of nachos, pizza, funnel cakes and turkey legs!
It was so wonderful to be all bundled up and cold again.
As dusk came, the balloons began to inflate the balloons.  I can't describe how glorious it was.  I was brought to tears many times this trip.  The kids just couldn't understand that I was overflowing with joy that I was tearing up.  One day they will understand how magical and precious this weekend was to Max and me.

The panorama of giant lanterns around us.
The field warmed as the balloons radiated heat.  It was so lovely.  I didn't want it to end.
I am an over planner and have always been.  We were going to see everything the Fiesta had to offer.  Never mind that Max had driven over 400 miles and everyone was exhausted.  We were going to stay for the fireworks even though the little ones missed their naps, it was after 9 pm, and everyone had gotten their fill of being cold.  We just had to see it all.
As we watched the most spectacular fireworks display the kids have ever seen, Karlie whispered to me that it was "like heaven raining down."
I couldn't have said it better my sweet one.


Courtney said...

awww, that brings tears to my eyes too! Such an amazing site. I am so glad you guys got to get out of dodge and cool off. You deserved it! Beautiful pictures! Reminded me of Tangled with the lanterns. ;)

Lacey said...

I am so happy that you guys had a great time. It looks breathtaking!!! What a great memory for all of you guys and a great way to get another state checked off the map!!! YEAH!

anna Smith said...

That does look and sound magical!