Our last stop before arriving home was to drive through Sedona, AZ which is only an hour and a half from us.  Oak Creek Canyon is often referred to as a small cousin of the Grand Canyon.
 The scenery is breath taking.
 We were about a week early for the peak fall colors, but we were very happy with the beautiful colors that were starting.

 These caterpillars were everywhere along our hike.  If anyone is a caterpillar expert and wants to inform us why they are all out in mid October, I would be delighted to know.  Seems pretty late for moths and butterflies, but I am not in Kansas anymore.

 The girls were the official caterpillar look out crew.  They alerted us not to step on each one they found.
 After our incredible hike in Oak Creek Canyon, we drove to Slide Rock.
 The kids decided this was God's playground since there was a natural water slide.
 First Max took Hailey down the slide to test the rapids.
 It was ice cold!
 Hailey loved it!
 Next up was Karlie.

 Kaitlin could hardly wait for her turn.
 Then she felt the water and thought twice about it.
 But she was all smiles.
 Poor Max had to brave God's freezing, cold slide 4 times.  Hank did not enjoy it as much as the girls did, so as they slid by,  I pulled him out.
 Sedona was a grand finally to our wonderful trip to conquer one more state in the Family Fifty.

 Boy are my expectations high for the remaining 40. :)

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Courtney said...

Beautiful pictures! Excited to see where your next adventure takes you.