Totally Taylor!!!

 Saturday night we were lucky enough to go to the Taylor Swift concert!!!
 I bought tickets when we first moved here in hopes of getting the girls excited about their new home.  I had bought 6 tickets because I didn't know if we would have a babysitter for Hank.  We have since found a great gal to watch the kids.  Since we didn't have to bring Hank, Hailey got to bring her BFF!  There was so much girl giggling going on.
 I think I was as excited about this night as they were. Nothing gets me more pumped than making my kids' dreams come true.  Last night was one of those really happy and memorable nights where everything goes as planned or better than. :)
 We got all glittered up with sparkling shirts, lip gloss, and glitter in the girls' hair.
 Then we got there and waited.... And waited.  The girls were not interested in the opening acts.  Where was Taylor!?!?!
 Finally at 8:30 she came on!
 Hailey and her friend screamed SO loud they were nearly hoarse by the end of it.

 It was awesome when Taylor walked through the pit and came sang right by us!
 Biggest Fans!
 I must say that it was a very good concert and that Taylor Swift must be one of the nicest, most grateful singers in the business.  She was wonder struck with thunderous, shrieking crowd.  (Max and I were deaf.  Thank goodness for the ear plugs I brought!)
Poor Kaitlin tired to hang on but crashed out at 10:30.  We didn't make it home until midnight.  I guess our princess turned into a pumpkin.  It was a perfect first concert for our ladies.  Max and I were overjoyed as we watched them belt out the lyrics and scream, "I love you Taylor!!!"  It was a Totally Taylor night!


Lacey said...

We are going in two weeks!! I love her! So glad your girls enjoyed it. Her performances are magical and memorable for sure!! Love that you glittered their hair and let them wear lip gloss. Maybe I'll do that this time.

Courtney said...

What a fun concert for all of you! And you are lookin smokin' Mama!