11 Things We Did on 11/11/11

11/11/11  only comes around every 100 years.  Since none of us are likely to see it again, I thought we should make it a special day.  The kids and Max had the day off, so it was a great day together being one unit.

1.  Hailey started her orthodontia treatment and got an expander and head-gear.  She is such a tough cookie.  She has hardy complained at all and just keeps smiling.

 2.  On 11:11 11/11/11 we made a wish.  Of course per the legend I can't tell you what they were.

3.  We hit 7-11 for a special treat!

 4.  We monkeyed around at the park for about an hour and 11 minutes. :)

 5.  While Hank napped the girls made 11 Happy Thanksgiving cards.

 6.  We made 11 pumpkin muffins.  I dropped the pan and one of them flipped out.  The recipe makes a dozen but as fate would have it, today we had 11.

 7.  We played Bunco to 11.  Kaitlin won!

 8.  We remember our Veterans and all the sacrifices they have made for our freedoms that we often take for granted.

 9.  We joined our church in packing 11,111 meals!  It was in partnership with Stop Hunger Now.  The kids really enjoyed helping and being a part of something that helps others.  Even Hank "helped."

10.  The kids each chose 11 items of clothes to donate to their sister school.

11.  We prayed 11 prayers.

We pray our friend Bill finds employment very soon.
We pray for our friends who are having a difficult time in their marriage and for their kids.
We pray my sister has a healthy pregnancy and delivery.  We can't wait to meet our latest blessing!
We pray for the 1 billion people suffering due to lack of clean water and enough food.
We pray for the soldiers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and for those who continue to make sacrifices for our freedoms.
We pray for the families of our troops.  They too sacrifice much.
We pray Hailey doesn't have too much pain.
We pray that everyone gets healthy.
We give thanks for Max's job.
We give thanks for our neighbors who have welcomed us with open hearts and arms and that they will not be moving to New York!
We give thanks for our church.  It was very moving to share a meal and make meals as a church family.

11/11/11 was ONE heck of a day.

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Courtney said...

You guys are too cute. :) Love the idea, but as you said, I won't be seeing it the next time around. Maybe 12.12.12?