Colonial Day

 Last Week the 5th graders celebrated Colonial Day.  While Hank was at school, I got to help.  The day is completely organized by the parents and the kids rotate through stations doing things people in the colonial times would have done.  Everyone wears a costume.
I had heard what a big deal it was, so as soon as the costumes went on clearance after Halloween, I grabbed them!

 They had a pillory and hay bales for pictures.  We were good girls and didn't get sent to the pillory.  I am thinking they should bring those back and put one in each classroom.  Maybe then the kids wouldn't be so disrespectful.
Cross stitching station.
 Dried flower photo frames.
 The bird feeder station was where I got sentenced to work.  One kid thought the lard was icing and took a big bite.  He won't make that mistake again!  By the end of the day, I had the softest hands.  Maybe I should try rubbing a little shortening around my eyes as an anti-aging cream.
They also made corn husk dolls, candles, tin art and played colonial games like walking on stilts.  It was a fun day and I treasured being able to spend the day with Hailey.  Soon my girl won't even want to be seen with me dropping her off at school, much less in a pioneer costume.

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Courtney said...

What a fun school event! You looked mighty good in that costume of yours. ;)