Expensive Day At The Zoo

 Over the weekend Hank was given Max the Monkey, the class pet, to take home.  He has a journal and you are suppose to take pictures and log what you did with Max the Monkey.  We decided it would be fun for Max the Monkey to visit the Phoenix zoo with us.
The Denver Zoo was an integral part of our lives.  Whenever we had nothing to do, we went to the zoo.  We could pack a lunch and with our membership have a "free day" of activities.  I loved going to the zoo with the kids, especially in the summer.
 Well, there was no way I was going to the zoo in July, or August, or September, or even October.  Finally the weather is perfect for the zoo.  We had high hopes since it ranked so highly for zoos in America.  We had been waiting all summer.  We read about the carousel and the train.  We hoped it would be as fun as the ones at the Denver Zoo.
 The entry was breath taking with the giraffe and other African animals roaming together.  Of course the lions were in their own area.  But our trip went steadily down hill after that.
 There is a large desert section that was a waste of time.  I can go out my backyard and see a bunch of cacti and snakes.  No thanks.
 For whatever reason there seemed to be very few animals.   We saw just and handful of animals.  No seals, no polar bears, no hippos, or tropical discoveries.  Only one elephant, one lion, and two rhinos.  We were surrounded by monkeys, but most of them belonged to me.
They did have a camel ride, but it was 4 bucks extra.  The train wasn't even a real train, it had wheels.  The carousel was so unexciting there wasn't even a line to ride it and no one protested when I said we were not riding it.  The most disappointing feature was everything in the zoo costs extra.  $2-$5 bucks per person for the train, the carousel, the slide, the sting ray bay, and the camel adds up very fast.  It seems they attempt to gouge you any way they can.  A bottle of water is $4!!  I could get the kids big ice creams at the Denver zoo for $2.  No more "free" trips to the zoo.
It was just one of those days.  First we realized we had forgotten Max the Monkey, one of the main reasons for going.  Next, we remembered Hailey's horse lessons that we missed.  Then the zoo was a disappointment, Hank was being a pill, the little kids were squabbling, and finally Max told Karlie to leave the stroller alone since she was constantly knocking jackets and snacks off.  Of course she touched the stroller and it tipped over throwing our good Nikon camera to the ground with a loud crash!  It's never good when your camera makes a rattling noise and won't focus.  Add a Nikon camera to the bill for the day. :(  No more pictures for awhile.  By that point I was ready to throw all the little ones in with the Baboons.  It all added up that we are not sure we want to attempt the zoo lights.  High expectations + high cost = disappointment. 

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Courtney said...

Oh, I hate days like that! So many good intentions and nothings pans out the way you want. Regardless, I think your monkeys are the cutest anyway.
PS Hank is one HUGE monkey now! Where did your toddler go?