Holy Halloween Batman!!!

 I feel like we just finished up a Hallopalooza after 4 days of parties, trunk or treats and the grand finally of trick or treating on Halloween!
Friday was Kaitlin and Karlie's Harvest Parties.  The Kindergarten moms set up a pumpkin patch at the school for the kids to pick out a pumpkin.
 They got to decorate pumpkins, cookies, and do all sorts of tricks.

 The best treat was when they got home and Grammy and Papa were waiting!
 On Saturday we visited the famous fountain in Fountain Hills and enjoyed playing at the park.
 Saturday night our neighbors had a Halloween party and invited the entire neighborhood.  I won't be throwing any parties here.  Their party was better than my wedding!  They had a live 7 member band, Famous Dave's BBQ catered with wait staff, an open bar, a giant haunted bounce house for the kids, professional life size decorations and hired three babysitters to tend to all the kids!  The adult costumes were better than many of the kid costumes.  This was an entirely different league of Halloween party.
 If we hadn't had enough Halloween fun, our church hosted a Trunk or Treat.  They do things a little differently here.  The Trunk or Treats we are use to involve just going from each themed trunk to the next.  They took it up a notch and had a free carnival with all you could eat fair-style food too.  Completely free!
 Our superheroes had to climb to the highest point.  Both Hailey and Kaitlin made it to the top!
 Karlie got a little nervous about half way up!
On Monday Hank and Hailey had their parties!  Max had the day off and got to work the popcorn skeleton glove station at Hailey's party.  Hank's preschool class did a little Halloween performance where they sang Halloween songs.  It was so cute!
Most of the time Hank was rubbing his nose, so much that people in the audience started laughing.  I was just thankful he didn't pick his nose!  He was the one the teacher had to put back in place and the one that was not singing, off in his own world. Yes, Hank is that boy.
Finally the big night arrived!

Spider-man was ready!
Batgirl was ready!
Supergirl was ready!
Wonder Woman was ready!
Our neighborhood is really, really dark.  As in there is not a single street lamp.  So Max decked out the truck with Halloween lights and chauffeured the neighborhood kids door to door.  Doing things in a new place always brings new surprises.  Many people handed out full size candy bars!  The kids' bags got so heavy that both Hank and Hailey's strap broke.  Holy Candy!  We took a vote and unanimously agreed that Halloween is better here.  No coats, no boots or freezing sleet and everyone goes all out.  It was a really Happy Halloween for goblins and superheroes alike.


Lacey said...

Well looky there... you are admitting something is better in Arizona. ;0) You sound so happy, the kids seem happy..i am SO HAPPY for you!!! Looks like a GREAT Halloween, a fantastic neighborhood party, awesome Halloween Loot, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Spiderman and his little performance- he obviously LOVED the mask! So cute!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I just love your blog. You have so many clever ideas. I am glad you enjoyed part of living there,