We were so excited to get to go home for Thanksgiving.  We took the first flight out at 6:30 am, which meant getting up at 3:30 am!
We were too excited to be tired.  The flights were awesome.  We have reached that point.  No strollers and the kids are able to entertain themselves.  Both Max and I read our books! Gasp!  They were great little travelers.
 The definition of home is a place of residence or refuge.
 It is usually a place where a family can rest and store personal property.
 It can also be a place a person grew up or feels they belong.
 Some would say, "home is where your heart is."
 Going home was hard.  I love Colorado and I love all my family that is there.
 So while my place of refuge is in AZ, my heart is still in CO.
 It is hard to not be a part of all the family things we always did.  I was thrilled the kids still got to do the annual rake leaves and jump in them with the cousins.
 I was thankful we got to celebrate Thanksgiving with my extend family.  My Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Dan hosted nearly 40 people.  It was great to see everyone, but it didn't have the same lightness and joyfulness that it usually does because it was an isolated event for us rather than a regular tradition.  I felt the reality that you can't go home.
 We tried to see everyone.  This meant on some days we were on a two hour visiting schedule.  The girls spent the night at different house nearly every night.
 We soaked up our time with cousins, family and friends.

 I made blackberry pies with my grandmothers mixer that she received as a wedding present in the 40's!
 It was grand to have leaves to take fall pictures in.
 I had to laugh at this picture Max took.  Guess you couldn't tell we are sisters.
 Almost 1000 miles apart and we plan nearly identical outfits for Thanksgiving. :)
Grammy and Papa's full house!
This was the only picture we got at Thanksgiving.  Too busy eating.
Hailey and Papa had a deep chat under the stars.
We had a fun night with our friends.
 The kids also enjoyed a night or two with their friends.
Kissing Cousins.
The grand finale was Elsa with the family.  A tradition I miss greatly.  After a very busy and exhausting 5 days, I was happy to come home but it didn't feel like home.  It was nice to be in our own beds but it didn't have that comforting sensation of home.  Not yet anyway.


Courtney said...

I SO know the feeling. You know, my heart is half way in CO and it's been 5 years. But, I am happy to say I am at the point of when I see the Bridgers out of the airplane window, I sigh the "home" sigh.
I know you too will come to the point where your house is your home and that you breath that sigh.
XOXO-So glad you had a fun time with your cute family. I had to LOL at the Katie/Kerrie look alike shot!

Anonymous said...

We love you and miss you too! It was so wonderful to have you here.