Pops and Nana's Cool Visit

 We have been blessed with a bounty of visitors over the last month.  Last weekend Nana and Pops made it out for a very cool time.  Unfortunately they landed during a Haboob so the sun was blocked out and it had a feel as though the end of the world was coming.  Thankfully, a cold front moved in and washed it all away.
 The temperatures were delightful, for us anyway.  I am sure Pops and Nana wouldn't have minded some super warm days.
 To celebrate we made Paella!  If you have ever cooked Paella then you know it is an event where the rewards are reaped after investing in quality ingredients and lots of caring attention.  A few Martinis helped guide our chefs.
 This was Max's first time as Paella head chef.  Hank and Pops served as his sous-chefs.
 Karlie knitted as she patiently waited.  Notice she chose to do it outside in her coat and scarf to soak up the cooler temps!  She definitely looks cool :)
 Almost time for the sea critters.
 Just enough time for a dance with Pops.
 Bam!!!  Max's first debut was perfect.  He even obtained the little crunch on the rice.  Impressive.  It's either beginners luck or he is a natural.  I suppose having an expert as sous-chef didn't hurt.
 Yep, always watching those calories around our house.
 The next day we went for a walk in the beautiful (at least that what people keep trying to convince me) desert.
 Pops was the only one that got bit by a cactus.  Watch out for those Cholla!  Flip flops and desert don't mix.
 Pops gave the kids a barbed wire fence lessons after Hailey thought she would try to climb over it to the reservation.
 Max and Pops got out for a ride. Nana and Hailey took to the trails and tore it up so much that Hailey's pedal came off!  There was a little shopping and coffee treat too while the k buddies were at a birthday party.
Pops and Nana got to see Max's prestigious cubicle. :)
A very cool time.  Thank you for coming and remember it's a "beautiful" place to visit!  So come as often as your heart longs for the sight of nuclear holocaust looking haboobs, death desert, cactus, dirt, and vile animals.  One beautiful thing is the scorpions have gone to bed for the winter. You know they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  :)  Love you guys.


Courtney said...

awww...I bet their hearts long for the sights of those cute grandkids. ;) You all would never have to watch cals, you tall lanky things!
Can't wait to visit the dry desert when all I can see is white...

Wholesale Coffee said...

Hey all,
God blessed with good family and Paella looking so delicious, yummy..