Baby It's Cold Outside!!

It finally got cold in Arizona!  We have been in the upper 50's and loving it.  We are enjoying being bundled up by the fire, snuggled in sweaters, and drinking lots of hot coco!
 We took our Christmas card pictures today.  I just had to get a cactus in there. :)  The thorn in my side.
 Here is the other thorn in my side.
 Friday night we put up the decorations inside.
 Max has spent much of the weekend decorating the outside.  That is another post on it's own.
 The kids have been playing in coats!
 It is finally beginning to look a lot like Christmas....


Lacey said...

Awww...What GREAT pictures. My only question...why isn't Max sporting that sweater design? Ha! :0) One year I bought Frank the Dad sweater from Gymboree...LOL. Glad you guys got some cool weather and are having fun playing in coats!! XOXOXO

Courtney said...

Love the pics! Who took them? All of the kids are looking so much older from just this summer. Hailey especially. What gorgeous kids!
You always have these great family pics...we can never get everyone looking in the same direction!

MandM said...

Great Pictures!

Heather said...

Love the pictures!