Chalk It Up For a Good Time

I had intentions of posting this a while ago, but better late than never I suppose.  This was such a fun and practical gift to make for family and friends, I had to pass it on.  While at my Aunt Kathleen's house for Thanksgiving she had the cutest wine glasses that had chalkboard paint on the bases so your guest could just write their names on them with chalk.  No more remembering what little jewel you are.  If you forgot your name, then you certainly had one too many!
 I bought a bulk set of wine glasses from World Market.
 Then covered the glasses with a Ziploc baggie and taped it off with painter's tape.
 Then sprayed the bases with chalkboard spray paint from Micheal's. 
I then wrote Merry Christmas, love MKHKKH on the bases.
 I ended up buying lots of chalk.  Most of the chalk for kids is not meant for chalkboards.  Go figure.  I ended up finding the right chalk at Hobby Lobby.  Dustless chalk is made from calcium carbonate while most of the children's chalk is a clay base.  Must have chalkboard chalk for it to work.
 Add a bottle of your favorite wine.  I really wanted to find bottles of Chalk Hill wine, but it was above my gift basket price range and is hard to find here.  Cute idea though.

For those with kids, I made little personal chalk boards for the kids and added some colored chalk.  For toddlers I included sidewalk chalk.  With a little paint and some time, you can make a gift basket chalked full of fun for kids and grown-ups alike!

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Courtney said...

You are so thoughtful and creative! Love the chalk stemmed glasses!
Merry Christmas!