Christmas Favorites

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year.  I love so many things about this wonderful time.  Here are a few.
1. Lights.
2. Thinking of gifts that will put a smile on my loved one's faces.
3. Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer movie
4. Singing Christmas hymns in church.
5. Reading the story of Jesus' birth to the kids on Christmas Eve.
6. Decorating the Christmas tree.
7. Christmas music.
8. Hot coco
9. Polar Express movie.
10. Lots of reasons to eat yummy food!
11.  Extra time with family and friends.
12. Special occasions to get all dressed up for.
13.  Baking all sorts of treats.
14. Presents!
15.  Celebration Ale (OK, that's Max's).
16.  Stockings.
17.  Christmas cards.
18.  Christmas eve PJs.
19.  Zoo Lights.
20.  Kids Christmas performance at church.
21.  Kids class parties.
22.  The palpable magic of the season you feel with each Merry Christmas wish.
23.  Cutting down our Christmas tree.
24.   Advent calendar.  The kids are so excited every morning to get their treat.
25.  Celebrating the ultimate birthday and giving thanks for the gift.

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