ER Hank

Last night we took Hank to the emergency room for the second time in the last six weeks.  The first time was when the Sunday school teacher accidentally gave him peanut butter and he had an allergic reaction.  It was terrifying because Hank had never been exposed to peanuts.  We found out through a blood test when he had a reaction to eggs that he was also allergic to peanuts.  When I picked him up from class he had hives all over his face and mouth. I had left the epi-pen in the backpack at home after our trip to the zoo the day before.  Thankfully he responded well to Benadryl and ended up with just minor wheezing instead of an anaphylactic reaction.  We learned we needed to teach him about peanut butter too.  While we constantly teach him to ask about candy and cookies, he had never seen peanut butter.  
After dinner Hank was playing on the bar stool and tipped it over onto his toe.  His bare little toe got sandwiched between the hard tile and the heavy bar stool.  He had that scream that you instantly know this is a bad one.  Max picked him up and he was bleeding.  He continued to scream in a way I have not seen any of the kids cry.  I decided it was time to go to the ER.  The girls were having sleepovers so I quickly arranged for them to go back to our neighbors house.  So much for her peaceful, kid free evening.
 Hank ended up with an open fracture of his big toe.  He has two hairline fractures and deep cut at the base of his toe nail that will cause him to lose the nail soon.  He is taking antibiotics to prevent a bone infection. He was so tough at the ER.  He just shook and held my hand as they cleaned and wrapped it.  He happily played with Legos for almost two hours despite it being way past his bedtime and his bloody boo-boo.  The nurses showered him with praise and gave him a pillow pet for the ride home.

A broken toe isn't going to slow this monkey down.  He has taken to crawling on threes.  He is enjoying the pampering from his sisters.  Kaitlin made him a get well card and all.

This makes Hank ER visits 3 in 3 years  : All three girls ER visits 3 in a cumulative 22 years.  I am pretty sure who is going to get the most tally marks in the shortest amount of time.


Courtney said...

I hate the ER!!! Nothing worse than having a hurt or sick kid. :( Cate is going to be that kid too (two trips in 6 weeks). So glad he is okay and that he was so tough...makes it easier on the mama!
XOXO said...


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