Optimus Prime Tebowing at Hoover Dam

 We had to drive to Las Vegas to get the puppy and stopped at the Hover Dam on the way.
It had been 13 years since Max and I had been to the Dam.  We last visited while driving back to Colorado after attending the 1997 Holiday Bowl in San Diego where CSU beat Missouri.  We were not even married yet.  

 The Mike O'Callaghan- Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge was completed in 2010.

Part of the movie Transformers was filmed at the Hoover Dam so Hank insisted on being Optimus Prime for his visit.  He was quite the celebrity with police men stopping to wave to him and plenty of Asian tourist shouting out, "there's Optimus!" 
 You are surrounded by incredible architectural feats.
 At the Celestial Plaza where the Winged Figures of the Republic and the US flag fly.
At the base of the winged figures is a "map of the cosmos to represent the day President Roosevelt dedicated the dam.  The map is supposedly so accurate, you have to have expertise in astrophysics to know what it means, but the powers in charge of the projected anticipated time-travelers would come someday and they wanted to leave an accurate record of their achievement."
 We rubbed their feet for good luck per the tradition.  Hoping we are lucky with our puppy pick and she is not a crazy one.
 Hank Tebowed at the Lonely Lands Made Fruitful plaque.   I submitted his photo to the Tebowing site and he was accepted!  You can click here to see his link or click on the toddlers link from the home page and click through until you find him. 
 Max had his Transformers T-shirt on too! :)
 On the border between Arizona and Nevada.

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