Our Baby Girl

We left Wednesday for Las Vegas to go pick our newest member of our family.  Apparently some of you thought we were adopting a child!  We are having a fur baby!
Although, I get to pretend she is a real baby.  She likes the sling and even fell asleep in it.  She was almost purring.  It's a good thing I'm not lactating anymore.  It would have been a mess!  LOL  I think I see co-sleeping in the future too. :)  Maybe I will even try attachment parenting with this one.
We had pick of the litter.  I thought it would be clear which one was meant for us.  They were all so wonderfully adorable, it was very hard to decide.  It was a litter of 10, so first we decided on a girl.  That eliminated four of them.   
 Then we wanted a smaller lady, so that eliminated one giant female.  Then we wanted a silver grey, so that took us down to the final four.
 One had a small umbilical hernia, so we were down to three.  The breeder said 7 and 8 were the most mellow.  7 was lighter and smaller, so we had our girl.  Phew!!!
 It was so fun to be surrounded by puppies!  Proud Papa.
 Puppy Pile.
 She is so tiny.  Daisy use to fill up the whole bed.
 Our neighbors came over to welcome the newest kid on the block.
Kid pile!
We have always struggled with naming our children and Lady #7 is no different.  We are taking suggestions!  

Some fun facts about her.
1. She is the 7th member of our family.
2. She was 7th in the litter.
3. We got her at 7 weeks.
4. Her biological mom's name is Lucky Lady.
5.  Her biological dad's name is Bookie Place Your Bets.
6.  We brought her home on the winter solstice.
7.  She is the Christmas present I have been dreaming of since I was 7 years old.

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Lacey said...

I LOVE HER! Can't wait to hear what you guys end up naming her!! Love that you have her in the sling- you crack me up!! Merry Christmas!!!