Our First Christmas in Arizona

Santa managed to find us in Arizona and he was very good to the kids.
 The highlights were hex bugs, Breyer horses, and a motor scooter for Hailey!
 Karlie's were the ultimate easy bake oven, a motor scooter, a fish, and Calico Critters.
 Kaitlin got her own desk with all the paper and pens a girl could want.  She had a Hello Kitty Christmas with PJ's, gum ball machine, and a lamp for her desk.
 Hank received numerous light sabers, costumes, and a play bow set with a camo tent.
 They all got chairs for their rooms and lava lamps.
 They also got a computer so they can do their on-line assignments!
I got a baby and Max got Uggs.
We spent most of the day playing with our new toys!
 We ate lots of yummy treats!
 This one scares me!
 Spider-Man kept the streets safe.
 It was near 70 degrees out so we had to take a dip in the hot tub.
 Siri wanted to swim too!
 My rowdy bunch.
 This is for Grampu.  Yes, we are playing outside on green grass in our bathing suits on Christmas!  But you had a white Christmas, so I think you trump us. :)
 We were too tired to get dressed up for Christmas dinner.  We had PJ's and Spider-Man instead.
 We had the best crab I have ever tasted.  A true King Crab.  His leg was 3/4 Hank's height!  The lobster couldn't hold a candle to it.  A delicious end to an amazing day.
 We were all ready for bed, even Bitty.
We had a very merry Christmas but it just wasn't the same without all the typical family festivities we are use to.  It was strange to spend the entire day with just our little family.  The best gifts are sharing special times with those you love.


Lacey said...

WHAT FUN!!!! Love the scooters! Ellie is a dare devil on hers as well. Have you taken them for a spin yet????? I must admit, I like them too. ;0)

GLad you had a Merry Christmas!!

Happy almost New YEAR!!

Courtney said...

What a great Christmas! Glad you got your "baby". ;)
Cate got Breyer horses too and loves them! She asked Santa for an easy bake oven but he didn't come thru. She was disappointed. :(