Silver Siri the 7th

Meet Siri!  It was an Act of Congress to name our little lady.  We went through desert and Christmas themes with Mirage and Silver Belle.  We tried M names so Max could have an M buddy with Maya.  We called her Maya for almost 2 days before deciding it wasn't just right.
There were so many things that added up to seven that we called her Seven for a day too.  But she is just too dainty for such a severe name.  We wanted a name that you wouldn't name a person.  We seem to be partial to girl names that end in an "e" sound. We also wanted a name that had meaning for her.  
We put Silver in there for the silver bells of Christmas and of course her silver color.
 Being Apple fans, we tip our hats to Steve Jobs, arguably the greatest inventor of our time.  Siri has become a sensation worldwide and has revolutionized the smartphone.  Siri made her debut a few weeks before our girl was born and the day before Jobs died.
 According to Birth Village, Siri comes from the Indian word that means, "wealth; God's gift of love."  The Scandinavian meaning is "beautiful and victorious."  A dog is truly God's gift of love.  No other animal loves the way a dog does.  Siri is also beautiful and will enrich our lives.  The kids are absolutely in love.  Siri has been quite victorious in winning a spot on the couch and sleeping between Max and me.  Those Weimaraners!
Seven is significant in her life as well.  She was born on the 7th day (Sunday, October 30th).  She was 7th in the litter.  She was 7 weeks when we got her.  She is the 7th member in our family.  She comes from Las Vegas where 7s are lucky.

SIRI is our beautiful, silver girl of sevens.


Blog a Blurb said...

Knock! Knock!
Who's there?
Siri who?
Siriously super sensational softly silver sweet sidekick!

Courtney said...

Oh she is soooo cute! I love her serious Siri face. ;) And the pic of Hank and her on the!