Tebow Time

The Tim Tebow mania started in our house the day Josh McDaniels drafted him in April 2010.  It was a huge shock to the NFL community and the majority of football experts considered McDaniels an idiot for what he gave up to get him.  I, on the other hand jumped for joy and started dancing around the house.  Max thought I had lost my mind like McDaniels.  That is when my formal love for Tebow began.

Game after game I just kept hoping they would put the kid in and give him a chance.  He is a fighter and a competitor like few others.  He is also kind and classy like few others in his league.  It doesn't hurt that he is a hunk too.  Gee, some guys have all the luck. :)
Max kept telling me that he doesn't have what it takes to be an NFL quarterback, regardless of what a gladiator he is.  I turned a deaf ear.  I believed from day one he could do it.  Something about him makes you believe in him.  It was almost Tebow Time.
When we learned we would move to Arizona and all the quarterback controversy was going on in Denver, I briefly hoped the Cardinals would pick him up.  That would be one reason to get excited about moving.  But it was clear very quickly that was never going to happen.  So, after secretly rooting and hoping Fox would just put him in and see what he could do for many games, it finally happened....Tebow Time!  I don't know how many games Max and I have watched where by the end of the 3rd quarter he has said, "It's over." I kept saying, "Just wait and see.  It's not over until it's over."  I had faith he would pull out a victory.  I just knew he could win.  With each amazing come back Max would shake his head at me as I jumped for joy and shouted for Tebow!  He is such a thrill to watch.  I would just grin and say, "It's Tebow Time!"
Being a Tebow fan, I have read numerous articles about him and the deep polarizing effect he has had on the nation.  It has dumbfounded me how people can hate and despise this guy.  Hate the dog fighter Michael Vick, hate the wife abuser Brandon Marshall, hate the drug dealer Sam Hurd, hate the grossly unfaithful Tiger.  But hate a guy who's only offense is to praise God and win football games?  It makes me question what has happened in America.  The fact that people so venomously oppose him simply because he is a "Jesus Freak" is a sad testimony of the downward spiral our country is in.  We have become accustomed to failure.  We have come to expect disappointment.  We distrust those who appear good.  We understand failure and others failure makes ours seem not as bad.  Tebow haters just can't fathom a person can really be that genuinely good.  He is filled with the spirit and that irks those who are not.

Tebow is just too good to be true in modern times. He is an amazing athlete who never takes the credit for himself, despite his incredible work ethic and dedication.  His life has been shaped by football but says that wining isn't what mattered, spending time with a kid dying from leukemia before the game is what really mattered.  He doesn't enjoy the fame and accolades for himself, but instead uses it as a platform to praise God and build a hospital in the Philippines for children.  Tebow seems to always turn the other cheek no matter how hard he gets slapped by players and the media.  In today's sex driven culture, it's hard to accept a gorgeous man with fame and fortune would choose to remain a virgin until he is married.  Not if you are Tim Tebow.
We are so jaded by all the bad in the world and the repeated disappointment of star athletes, politicians, and religious leaders that people's hearts have hardened to all the good and automatically distrust and in many cases despise the righteous.  As far as his constant shouts out to the Lord, regardless of win or fail, I think Tebow said it best.  "But say I'm getting married.  Is it enough for me to tell my wife on the day of our wedding that I love her?  Or do I tell her at every opportunity?"  Buddy, you tell her every chance you get!   If only we could all be so bold in our faith.  It's Tebow Time.
I have collected a handful of articles discussing the Tebow mania.  Some articles are even saying he is going to shape business management styles into a "nice guy" style versus the narcissistic style that dominates today.  Praise Jesus!  He is ranking up there with Taylor Swift and Tom Hanks in celebrity recognition. Articles on Tebow have appeared in nearly every newspaper and major magazines such as Time, the Wall Street Journal , and the New York TimesTebowing, mimicking Tebow as he takes a knee in prayer no matter what others around him are doing, was just registered as a new word. "The rapid rise of the word has seldom been equalled, the Global Language Monitor said in a statement this week that anointed Tebowing as and official word."  He is in Time Magazine's 2011 People of the Year issue for people that mattered.  Clearly, it's Tebow Time.

America is hungry for a stand-up athlete.  A guy who is who he says he is.  A guy who puts others before himself.  A guy who loves God.  A leader that inspires others.  A man that uses his words to build others up instead of tear them down.  If only there were more Tebows in our world.  As the Tebow tornado has swirled through the sports community I have watched Tebow win announcer after announcer over.  They are starting to believe that he really believes what he says.  After one game they even commented on the good energy that he brought to the table.  Tebow is a bright light in a dark world.  I have high hopes that he will usher in a new way of doing business.  That he will truly be the spark that starts a new generation of athletes on the right path and maybe teaches the rest of us a thing or two along the way.  It's Tebow Time!
Go Broncos!  Arizona is one of only 3 states in America NOT showing the Bronco's game today.   Even Alaska and Hawaii are getting it.  Win or lose Tebow is a winner.  I will try not to be a loser and talk about what a stupid state this is. :)


Lacey said...

I just recently found out who he is. Have you read his book, Through My Eyes??? Is it on your Christmas list from Santa?? I enjoyed reading all you had to say and agreed with all of it. :) Miss you!!

MandM said...

I totally agree! I've been a believer since the day he was drafted. It really upsets me when announcers criticize his efforts. Tebow time is such an exciting time for Broncos fans, reminds me of Elway days :)