Zany Zoolights Night

 Last night we decided to give the Phoenix Zoolights a try.  We had low expectations after our visit to the zoo last month but it is a Christmas time tradition that we just had to try and keep alive.
 We were impressed as we entered the zoo.  They did a magnificent job with the trees.  Even better than Denver!  They had Christmas music along the way and we were slowly getting out of our funk from the long line in the parking lot and the even longer line to get in.
We stopped under a canopy of trees lit up.  It was a beautiful sight as they changed colors all around us. We started to feel jolly as we drank hot coco and ate cookies.
 The animals were 3D!  They had a bridge walkway that the tree lights changed in time with the music.  It was an incredible display.  Phoenix was winning us over for sure!
 Monkeys will be monkeys day or night.
 We were having such a wonderful time I decided we would go all out and do the carousel. The kids were thrilled.  We waited in another long line and as the carousel filled up they asked us if we wanted to wait until there were 4 animals together.  The kids eagerly agreed!  That meant they would have first choice.  Hailey wanted the horse, Kaitlin wanted the zebra, Karlie wanted the flying eagle, and Hank wanted Simba the lion.  (He's young enough that a cougar could pass as a lion:)
 The animals on the carousel were magnificent but the carousel itself seemed chincy.  The flooring was more like one you would see at a carnival and it was very small.  But everyone was really happy as we went round and round.
I was standing in-between Karlie and Hank.  Before the ride the operators came around to be sure everyone was seat belted in (the kids were not too excited about this.  Hailey even exclaimed, "Am I baby?!?")  All was well as we went around waving to Daddy.
 Then a large crack went out that sounded like two gun shots.  Karlie's eagle started to swing out as though it was going to tip over, off the carousel!  She was screaming and crying.  I grabbed the eagle and her in hopes of keeping it from flying off the carousel and crushing Karlie as she was seat belted onto it.  With one hand I released the belt and swept her off the Eagle as the kids and moms screamed around us.  I yelled to the operator that it was broken!!!  The ride came to a quick stop and Max and the operators met us.  Karlie was still crying and I was shaking with adrenaline as I tried to figure out what just happened.
 It became clear when I saw the the lever that pulls the animals up and down at the top had snapped off and hit Karlie in the face!  The ride was closed for the night and we were taken to the zoo triage.  Thankfully Karlie only got a big bump on her eyebrow and cheek and was a little shook up.  She will probably be black and blue for Christmas but nothing permanent.  If it had landed on her head it would have been worse.  Luckily it just glanced her as it came down.
The ride operators, the manager and the firefighter that tended to us all couldn't believe how strange this was and how they had never even heard of it happening before.  Guess we are lucky like that.  The manager gave us refund for our night.  I am thinking I need one on my membership.
Just can't seem to get it right at the phoenix zoo. :(

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Courtney said...

Oh No! Poor Karlie and I know you were in mommy mode using every arm and extra arm that moms seem to grow with each kid. ;) So glad it wasn't more serious....