3 Months Old

Today our baby girl is 3 months old!  If I thought human babies grew fast, fur babies grow even faster.  She has changed so much since we got her.  She no longer fits in the baby
snuggly :( 
 On our first jog Siri got tired and had to share a ride back with Hank.  She is now up to running 2 miles.  I guess you could say she is off and running!
Last week I she transitioned from co-sleeping to sleeping on her beanbag.
The potty training is getting better each week.  We now have a day or two a week with no accidents.  Max was joking what an expensive dog she is.  Not only did we have to buy her and take a trip to Las Vegas to get her.  We now need to replace the carpet throughout the house!  She is worth every penny.  Siri fits in so well with our family.  She is very loving, active and eager to snuggle.  We are all so happy she joined our pack.

Karlie and Katie's Colorado Weekend

This weekend Karlie and I took off to Colorado for my sister Kerrie's baby shower.  I thought it would be fun if I took each of the girls on a trip home so we could have a special mommy and me trip!
I didn't tell anyone that Karlie was coming, so when my Mom picked us up she was beyond shocked.  I have never seen someone so genuinely surprised.  It was fantastic!  We got to surprise Grampy an hour later when he arrived.  The surprises continued as RJ woke up to find Karlie sleeping in the top bunk of his bed and then Kerrie was shocked to see Karlie too.  Karlie was delighted with her surprise!  When Grampy woke up, he took the kids to the grocery store and let them get whatever they wanted.  Karlie came back with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, peanuts, and peanut butter.  Ah, the life of living with a peanut allergy leaves the girls with some serious peanut cravings. :)
 It was such a short trip but we packed in as much as possible.  We went to RJ's basketball game in the morning, then got ready for the shower.  We had a fun shower with all of our closest friends and family.  I am so sad that I will not be able to attend this birth.  I have helped Kerrie through all of her labors and it makes me very sad to miss this one.  I had to drown my sorrow by shopping for baby girl clothes.  There really is nothing quite as fun as newborn baby girl clothes.  It just doesn't get any cuter!
 After the shower I took Karlie to her best friend's house for yet another surprise.  Karlie rang the door and little did Marley know that Karlie was coming to spend the night!  Her reaction rivaled my Mom's.  She was literally speechless and exasperated giggles escaped her.  It was nearly 10 minutes before she could do anything but giggle and hug Karlie.  These two have that special friendship.  They are soul sisters for sure.  It brings me so much joy to see them together.
 Then it was time to have a quick bite to eat at my most favorite Mexican restaurant in the world before we headed downtown to Canvas and Cocktails with my sisters Chrysti and Mel.  The drinks were good, the music great and the art might get hung up. :)  Nothing makes me happier than having a ball with my loved ones.  I miss you all so much.
The next morning it was more eating before we headed to the airport!  While our trip was fast and furious, it felt so nice to be home again.

I expected to return to a disaster of a house, empty fridge, and Max having a better idea about the busy days of taking care of kids and how impossible it is to get anything accomplished.  Instead, I live with a superhero of a father and husband.  While I was gone he installed knobs and handles on 60 cupboards.  He repainted our wicker lounger.  He bought and planted a palm tree.  He installed landscape lighting.  He had dinner in the crock pot.  He had frozen Margaritas waiting and the house was spotless.  Seriously?!?!
What a wonderful weekend.  What a wonderful husband.

Kaitlin's 100th Day of School

Yesterday was Kaitlin's 100th day of Kindergarten!
I was the mom in charge of the 100th day party at school.  We celebrated by making 100 day glasses, 100 day necklaces, 100 day trail mix, a picture with 100 dots, 100 exercises, and rolled the dice to 100!  Each student brought in 100 things to share.  Kaitlin counted 100 Smarties.  What a day full of hundreds of fun things!  How can my little lady be over halfway through Kindergarten?


Hailey made principals list with straight A's this semester!  We are so proud of her.  Moving schools was such a hard transition.  She went from a single teacher and turning all her assignments in at once, to changing classes for math, reading, language and science.  It was a really rough start to learn a whole new way of doing things and to be responsible for all those big 5th grade changes.  She worked very hard and it paid off! Way to go Ace!

Awake in 2012

Last year was one of those forks in the road you don't anticipate.  It has at times been a very sad road and others incredibly beautiful and blessed.  This new road threw me for a bit of a loop on my resolutions for last year.  Hey you have to use the best excuse you have, right!?

2011 Resolution Review

1. To try the Warrior Dash with Max. 
The race was in August and we moved in June.  Hopefully no more moves in store and we can accomplish this one this year!

2. Since I got the baby books all caught up it is now time to organize the giant box of random photos and school work.
After boxes and boxes of unpacking and organizing, I never made it to the photos.  They are still in the box.

3. Get more involved at church. We recently changed churches and it is time to get more plugged in.
That sure didn't pan out.  But we have joined a new church and are starting to get connected.

4. Go on a beach vacation. It has been 7 years and I am ready.
Moves are expensive, so I didn't get the beach vacation I was dreaming of.  I did get an amazing three week vacation where we saw some of the most beautiful countryside in America as we traveled to our new home.  This journey sparked the MKHKKH Family 50.

5. Reduce my craigslist and gymboree investments by 25%!
Yes!  Depression and distraction are quite the antidote to shopping, so I hammered this one by at least a 75% decrease!

6. Take a class. I want to learn something new this year.
No such luck here either as far as a formal class.  I had imagined a language class, religious studies class, or a martial arts class.  I have, however, learned about Arizona through lots of R and D and becoming a resident.

7. Make our family more fit from what we eat to our exercise.
 A work in progress.  Having kids that are a year older will help!

8. Get Hank completely potty trained! I sure hope his slow learning in this area doesn't transfer to other areas.
Yes!  Victory.  Thank you Jesus!!

9. More water, less beer.
One plus for Arizona summers is that I started drinking water like I never have before.  Unfortunately as it has cooled, I am back to my old habits.  A new year and I will keep trying.  No comment on the less beer. :)

10. Floss.
Utter failure....

11. Pay off school loans.
We are so close with our "baby loans!"  It will be marked off very soon!  Old Uncle Sam loans will be with us for decades.  LOL

I have been thinking about my goals for 2012 for a while.  Each year I strive to accomplish a few things, and like most people, I don't meet all of my goals.  However, I continue to fight the good fight and aim to be a better person each year I am granted.  For this year, I want to awake.  Awake my soul.  Awake my mind.  Awake my body.

1.  It's time to go deeper with my faith.  I want to learn more and do more.  I want to love others in practical ways.  I would like to find 12 ways to serve others.  I think I can find one way to love thy neighbor each month.  Jesus loves us and I want to be a conduit of that love.  I don't know what that will look like, but I want to awaken myself to opportunities to love others more.

2. Being a stay at home mom I sometimes feel like my brain has turned to mush.  My memory is terrible and sometimes I can hardly form a coherent sentenceI know my brain is capable of more as I earned 3 bachelor degrees and was Summa Cum Laude of my nursing class.   Over a decade of multitasking throughout most of the day has made it hard for me to concentrate for long periods of time on one thing.  I get bored easily now.  Just like your muscles atrophy without use, I feel like brain is in serious need of a work out.  I want to carve out a half an hour most days of the week to really challenge my brain.  Read something with vocabulary grater than 5th grade level, study the Bible, even a crossword would work.

Getting my hair done at the finest salon in Scottsdale.

3.  Recently I have become very aware how precious and brief this moment is.  I want to soak it up.  It is so easy to be the ant, to just fill the calendar with activities, to run the kids here and there, and to have no time to relish in just being with my family and kids.  To soak up there goofy grins, to have nothing scheduled and see where our imagination can take us.  To not be so focused on the end objective that I lose sight of today.  I remember when Hailey was Hank's age thinking what will I do for the whole day.  That thought never crosses my mind these days.  It seems someone always has something and we are always on the go.  I want to really be present in the moment as much as possible.

4.  I want to blog more.  For Christmas Max turned our 2008 blog posts into a book.  Of course I cried like a baby at his thoughtfulness.  I really enjoyed reviewing our year and reflecting on all that I had captured of that moment.  It would be great to continue this and get blog books for all the years.  This is my thesis after all.

5.  In hopes of actualizing our Family 50, I want to visit 5 states this year!

6.  We have signed up for the Warrior Dash here in AZ.  Hope I can awake my body from its annual fall and winter slumber of delighting in food and fatness.  Bathing suit season comes much quicker here!  ACK!  Along with exercising my brain, I need to make exercise a part of my routine. Who doesn't?  I have no excuse except I would do anything, even fold laundry over work out.  Why can't I be one of those exercise addicts?  Here's to at least getting back to running a 5k and bathing suit worthy by summer.

I hope there will be a big awakening for 2012!


 Another Miracle at Mile High!!!  What an incredible game.  It felt like I was at home today.  We had guacamole and chips durning the game.  We were rooting and cheering for our Broncos!  Tebow Time was terrific today!  Go Broncos!!!!
Family Tebow Time! :)

Boob Crack??

You have got to love kids.  They are so great at keeping you humble.  Tonight at dinner as I was leaning over the table, Karlie informed me that I had boob crack.  Boob Crack!?!?!?  I looked down and sure enough, my V-neck t-shirt had slipped down and the girls were indeed hanging out a bit showing off a tad of pretend cleavage (after four kids, the word cleavage left the train stop LONG ago!).  Nice.  Hence a new term at the MKHKKH house....Boob crack.  I am not sure yet which is worse, plumbers crack or boob crack!


Karlie has a zest for life that shows from the twinkle in her eye down to her dancing around the house on her tippy toes.  This zeal is also evident in her choice of clothing.  She really wanted green high top converse for Christmas but they don't make them.  Instead she got these zany ones with neon green laces.  Can you believe I let her go to school like this?  She is so exuberant and happy.  She almost always has a mischievous grin on her face.  We know this one is going to shine because you just can't hide her sparkle.

Frist Annual Scottsdale Polar Bear Swim

 With Monday being a holiday we had a chance to continue to ring in the New Year in new ways.  Max's sister's boyfriend was doing a polar bear swim in California and Hailey was inspired to do one too!
 She convinced Max to race her and the little girls did a half dip across the short end of the pool.
 The thermometer says the pool is 53 degrees.  
 Victory!  Siri took a victory swim to Hailey.  Go crazy polar bears!!!
 I had planned to sample cheese from around the world on New Year's Eve but we were all too stuffed.  New Year's Day proved to be another day of gluttony, so we had to wait until Monday to have our taste test of new cheeses.

Manchego from Spain is a staple and the kids would pick it above all else but were very interested to try all the new cheeses.
Nana chose the Windsor Red from England.
Karlie liked the Brie from France.
Pops, Max and Katie liked the Blueberry Fayre from Britain best.
Kaitlin and Hailey chose the Gouda from Holland as their pick.
The very strong Gorgonzola from Italy took last place.

It was another fun day of food, family and festivities.  2012 got off to a great start!

Welcome 2012

 We had a remarkable first day of 2012!  We started the morning off with a breakfast of smoked salmon on bagels.  The salmon came all the way from Alaska thanks to Uncle Phil and it was amazing!
 I am a little frightened the year kicked off with an 80 degree day.  I hope this is not a sign of things (heat) to come in 2012 but we sure enjoyed ourselves.  I find it interesting that last year on New Year's Day neither Max or I had ever been to Scottsdale and we were celebrating in 10 degree weather.  My how things change in a year!

 We went for a family bike ride after breakfast.  It is so great to have a 1 adult : 1 kid ratio!  Pops pulled Kaitlin on the bike trailer and Max pulled Hank in the buggy.  Karlie and Hailey were super tough chicks as we mountain biked for over 3 miles!!!
For the record I really resisted taking the little ones off road, but I was wrong and it was safe and they absolutely loved it.  Thank you Max for pulling a rabbit out of your hat and somehow resurrecting your bike and fixing Hailey's to make my dream come true!

After a little snack and rest we headed to the park to fly new kites the kids got in their stockings.
Baby Siri had her first day at the park and was the star.  I was swarmed by moms and kids. :)
We have a neat frog kite that we have tried tirelessly to fly and it just never really took flight.  However, on New Year's Day everything seemed to fall into place and it flew so high and for so long.  We had to pull it down when it was time to go!  Our friends met us at the park too!  What a glorious day.
We had to refuel after our ride and afternoon at the park.  We dined on crab flown in from San Francisco (complements of Pops and Nana).
Leroy, Oscar and Lamar were an exceptional late day lunch.  Notice the sun is setting.
For our new food to try we made frozen pops with our new Zoku!  Thanks Sam and Heather!  It was so fun, easy and delicious.  I know we will be using these a lot.
Fresh lemonade pops!
 Our new game was Headbanz.  You put a picture on your forehead and try to guess what it is by asking everyone else yes or no questions.  It was hilarious but Hank was a wild card and loved telling everyone what they were.
 Our new things to wear were Uggs for Max, earrings for me, new high tops for Hailey and Karlie, Kaitlin wore her new robe, and Hank wore his new camelback on our bike ride.

 We finished our new day off with prime rib and Yorkshire pudding.  Our neighbors brought us cheesecake that was shipped to them from a deli in New York.  WOW!  We started with salmon from Alaska, moved down to San Francisco for crab, across the Midwest or Texas for some terrific prime rib and then topped it all with genuine cheesecake from New York. Hopefully a sign of the taste for traveling in quest of our family 50 this year.  Had to be one of the best starts to the New Year I can remember.  2011 was a hard year, so I am very happy to see what is in store for MKHKKH in 2012!!

New Year's Eve

 Nana and Pops came to help us ring in the New Year!  The boys took a morning bike ride and then we all went for a desert hike.
 Hank got a first class ride since his toe was broken.  Max and I took turns carrying our little fella.
 The desert is green.  This is spring time in AZ.  I may concede that it is even pretty at this time of year.
 We had to fortify ourselves for the long night ahead with a turkey dinner and all the fix ins.
 Our ever present superhero took down a leg along with carnivore Karlie.
 We had a post dinner battle with lightsabers and with Nana and Pops' gift of popper guns.
 There were ping pong balls flying everywhere!
 We are still finding them around the house.
 After we worked of the turkey, it was time for more eating.
 Then we watched Ratatouille.
 Max was the ONLY one who fell asleep.  This was Hank's first year to make it all the way to midnight!
 We woke our pyrotechnician for a pre-midnight celebration.
 Good bye 2011!!
We ran inside just in time  to watch the ball drop and toast.  2012 started off surrounded by happy family and smooch from my honey.  Here's to hoping the rest of 2012 is healthy, happy and keeps us surrounded by loving family!