3 Months Old

Today our baby girl is 3 months old!  If I thought human babies grew fast, fur babies grow even faster.  She has changed so much since we got her.  She no longer fits in the baby
snuggly :( 
 On our first jog Siri got tired and had to share a ride back with Hank.  She is now up to running 2 miles.  I guess you could say she is off and running!
Last week I she transitioned from co-sleeping to sleeping on her beanbag.
The potty training is getting better each week.  We now have a day or two a week with no accidents.  Max was joking what an expensive dog she is.  Not only did we have to buy her and take a trip to Las Vegas to get her.  We now need to replace the carpet throughout the house!  She is worth every penny.  Siri fits in so well with our family.  She is very loving, active and eager to snuggle.  We are all so happy she joined our pack.


Courtney said...

What a sweet girl! Love her beautiful eyes!

Lacey said...

She is gorgeous!! And is getting so big!!! I love that she had to get in the jogger during the run- ha! ha! ha!!

I can relate on the expensive doggie. Shoogs is a money pit....but we love her too. Those darn snuggles- they get us every time!!!

She is a beauty!! Glad she joined your pack too!!