Awake in 2012

Last year was one of those forks in the road you don't anticipate.  It has at times been a very sad road and others incredibly beautiful and blessed.  This new road threw me for a bit of a loop on my resolutions for last year.  Hey you have to use the best excuse you have, right!?

2011 Resolution Review

1. To try the Warrior Dash with Max. 
The race was in August and we moved in June.  Hopefully no more moves in store and we can accomplish this one this year!

2. Since I got the baby books all caught up it is now time to organize the giant box of random photos and school work.
After boxes and boxes of unpacking and organizing, I never made it to the photos.  They are still in the box.

3. Get more involved at church. We recently changed churches and it is time to get more plugged in.
That sure didn't pan out.  But we have joined a new church and are starting to get connected.

4. Go on a beach vacation. It has been 7 years and I am ready.
Moves are expensive, so I didn't get the beach vacation I was dreaming of.  I did get an amazing three week vacation where we saw some of the most beautiful countryside in America as we traveled to our new home.  This journey sparked the MKHKKH Family 50.

5. Reduce my craigslist and gymboree investments by 25%!
Yes!  Depression and distraction are quite the antidote to shopping, so I hammered this one by at least a 75% decrease!

6. Take a class. I want to learn something new this year.
No such luck here either as far as a formal class.  I had imagined a language class, religious studies class, or a martial arts class.  I have, however, learned about Arizona through lots of R and D and becoming a resident.

7. Make our family more fit from what we eat to our exercise.
 A work in progress.  Having kids that are a year older will help!

8. Get Hank completely potty trained! I sure hope his slow learning in this area doesn't transfer to other areas.
Yes!  Victory.  Thank you Jesus!!

9. More water, less beer.
One plus for Arizona summers is that I started drinking water like I never have before.  Unfortunately as it has cooled, I am back to my old habits.  A new year and I will keep trying.  No comment on the less beer. :)

10. Floss.
Utter failure....

11. Pay off school loans.
We are so close with our "baby loans!"  It will be marked off very soon!  Old Uncle Sam loans will be with us for decades.  LOL

I have been thinking about my goals for 2012 for a while.  Each year I strive to accomplish a few things, and like most people, I don't meet all of my goals.  However, I continue to fight the good fight and aim to be a better person each year I am granted.  For this year, I want to awake.  Awake my soul.  Awake my mind.  Awake my body.

1.  It's time to go deeper with my faith.  I want to learn more and do more.  I want to love others in practical ways.  I would like to find 12 ways to serve others.  I think I can find one way to love thy neighbor each month.  Jesus loves us and I want to be a conduit of that love.  I don't know what that will look like, but I want to awaken myself to opportunities to love others more.

2. Being a stay at home mom I sometimes feel like my brain has turned to mush.  My memory is terrible and sometimes I can hardly form a coherent sentenceI know my brain is capable of more as I earned 3 bachelor degrees and was Summa Cum Laude of my nursing class.   Over a decade of multitasking throughout most of the day has made it hard for me to concentrate for long periods of time on one thing.  I get bored easily now.  Just like your muscles atrophy without use, I feel like brain is in serious need of a work out.  I want to carve out a half an hour most days of the week to really challenge my brain.  Read something with vocabulary grater than 5th grade level, study the Bible, even a crossword would work.

Getting my hair done at the finest salon in Scottsdale.

3.  Recently I have become very aware how precious and brief this moment is.  I want to soak it up.  It is so easy to be the ant, to just fill the calendar with activities, to run the kids here and there, and to have no time to relish in just being with my family and kids.  To soak up there goofy grins, to have nothing scheduled and see where our imagination can take us.  To not be so focused on the end objective that I lose sight of today.  I remember when Hailey was Hank's age thinking what will I do for the whole day.  That thought never crosses my mind these days.  It seems someone always has something and we are always on the go.  I want to really be present in the moment as much as possible.

4.  I want to blog more.  For Christmas Max turned our 2008 blog posts into a book.  Of course I cried like a baby at his thoughtfulness.  I really enjoyed reviewing our year and reflecting on all that I had captured of that moment.  It would be great to continue this and get blog books for all the years.  This is my thesis after all.

5.  In hopes of actualizing our Family 50, I want to visit 5 states this year!

6.  We have signed up for the Warrior Dash here in AZ.  Hope I can awake my body from its annual fall and winter slumber of delighting in food and fatness.  Bathing suit season comes much quicker here!  ACK!  Along with exercising my brain, I need to make exercise a part of my routine. Who doesn't?  I have no excuse except I would do anything, even fold laundry over work out.  Why can't I be one of those exercise addicts?  Here's to at least getting back to running a 5k and bathing suit worthy by summer.

I hope there will be a big awakening for 2012!

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