Karlie and Katie's Colorado Weekend

This weekend Karlie and I took off to Colorado for my sister Kerrie's baby shower.  I thought it would be fun if I took each of the girls on a trip home so we could have a special mommy and me trip!
I didn't tell anyone that Karlie was coming, so when my Mom picked us up she was beyond shocked.  I have never seen someone so genuinely surprised.  It was fantastic!  We got to surprise Grampy an hour later when he arrived.  The surprises continued as RJ woke up to find Karlie sleeping in the top bunk of his bed and then Kerrie was shocked to see Karlie too.  Karlie was delighted with her surprise!  When Grampy woke up, he took the kids to the grocery store and let them get whatever they wanted.  Karlie came back with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, peanuts, and peanut butter.  Ah, the life of living with a peanut allergy leaves the girls with some serious peanut cravings. :)
 It was such a short trip but we packed in as much as possible.  We went to RJ's basketball game in the morning, then got ready for the shower.  We had a fun shower with all of our closest friends and family.  I am so sad that I will not be able to attend this birth.  I have helped Kerrie through all of her labors and it makes me very sad to miss this one.  I had to drown my sorrow by shopping for baby girl clothes.  There really is nothing quite as fun as newborn baby girl clothes.  It just doesn't get any cuter!
 After the shower I took Karlie to her best friend's house for yet another surprise.  Karlie rang the door and little did Marley know that Karlie was coming to spend the night!  Her reaction rivaled my Mom's.  She was literally speechless and exasperated giggles escaped her.  It was nearly 10 minutes before she could do anything but giggle and hug Karlie.  These two have that special friendship.  They are soul sisters for sure.  It brings me so much joy to see them together.
 Then it was time to have a quick bite to eat at my most favorite Mexican restaurant in the world before we headed downtown to Canvas and Cocktails with my sisters Chrysti and Mel.  The drinks were good, the music great and the art might get hung up. :)  Nothing makes me happier than having a ball with my loved ones.  I miss you all so much.
The next morning it was more eating before we headed to the airport!  While our trip was fast and furious, it felt so nice to be home again.

I expected to return to a disaster of a house, empty fridge, and Max having a better idea about the busy days of taking care of kids and how impossible it is to get anything accomplished.  Instead, I live with a superhero of a father and husband.  While I was gone he installed knobs and handles on 60 cupboards.  He repainted our wicker lounger.  He bought and planted a palm tree.  He installed landscape lighting.  He had dinner in the crock pot.  He had frozen Margaritas waiting and the house was spotless.  Seriously?!?!
What a wonderful weekend.  What a wonderful husband.


Lacey said...

I love that Karlie got to surprise everyone!! (And enjoy some peanuts- LOL). What a fun memory for the two of you. And way to go Max!!! Didn't he install cabinet knobs in your old kitchen when we had girls weekend?? Either way, I am super impressed with all he did- especially dinner in the crock and margs waiting. Super Husband/Dad for sure!

Courtney said...

Awww, what a great weekend. Love that you surprised everyone with the special guest. That is just so cool. So many emotions for you I am sure. I love how close you and your sisters and mom are. Way to carve out some girl time!
And the Dad's always seem to make it easy. Don't you wish they'd just "get by"?!?! lol.