Welcome 2012

 We had a remarkable first day of 2012!  We started the morning off with a breakfast of smoked salmon on bagels.  The salmon came all the way from Alaska thanks to Uncle Phil and it was amazing!
 I am a little frightened the year kicked off with an 80 degree day.  I hope this is not a sign of things (heat) to come in 2012 but we sure enjoyed ourselves.  I find it interesting that last year on New Year's Day neither Max or I had ever been to Scottsdale and we were celebrating in 10 degree weather.  My how things change in a year!

 We went for a family bike ride after breakfast.  It is so great to have a 1 adult : 1 kid ratio!  Pops pulled Kaitlin on the bike trailer and Max pulled Hank in the buggy.  Karlie and Hailey were super tough chicks as we mountain biked for over 3 miles!!!
For the record I really resisted taking the little ones off road, but I was wrong and it was safe and they absolutely loved it.  Thank you Max for pulling a rabbit out of your hat and somehow resurrecting your bike and fixing Hailey's to make my dream come true!

After a little snack and rest we headed to the park to fly new kites the kids got in their stockings.
Baby Siri had her first day at the park and was the star.  I was swarmed by moms and kids. :)
We have a neat frog kite that we have tried tirelessly to fly and it just never really took flight.  However, on New Year's Day everything seemed to fall into place and it flew so high and for so long.  We had to pull it down when it was time to go!  Our friends met us at the park too!  What a glorious day.
We had to refuel after our ride and afternoon at the park.  We dined on crab flown in from San Francisco (complements of Pops and Nana).
Leroy, Oscar and Lamar were an exceptional late day lunch.  Notice the sun is setting.
For our new food to try we made frozen pops with our new Zoku!  Thanks Sam and Heather!  It was so fun, easy and delicious.  I know we will be using these a lot.
Fresh lemonade pops!
 Our new game was Headbanz.  You put a picture on your forehead and try to guess what it is by asking everyone else yes or no questions.  It was hilarious but Hank was a wild card and loved telling everyone what they were.
 Our new things to wear were Uggs for Max, earrings for me, new high tops for Hailey and Karlie, Kaitlin wore her new robe, and Hank wore his new camelback on our bike ride.

 We finished our new day off with prime rib and Yorkshire pudding.  Our neighbors brought us cheesecake that was shipped to them from a deli in New York.  WOW!  We started with salmon from Alaska, moved down to San Francisco for crab, across the Midwest or Texas for some terrific prime rib and then topped it all with genuine cheesecake from New York. Hopefully a sign of the taste for traveling in quest of our family 50 this year.  Had to be one of the best starts to the New Year I can remember.  2011 was a hard year, so I am very happy to see what is in store for MKHKKH in 2012!!

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Courtney said...

I am excited for you all to start a new year too! Love all of the delicious authentic foods...now I'm hungry!