As we attempt to become Zonies, we are realizing that the desert may not be all bad.  All of the hostile plants are suddenly in bloom and even beautiful this time of year.
While it's not tulips and roses, flowers, even on a cactus are enchanting.
Like the flowers blooming out of these strange and hostile plants, so is our family.  We have slowly taken root here in the sand and are starting to flower.  The kids are feeling connected at school and somehow the craziness of dance, gymnastics, girl scouts, piano, volleyball, horses and swimming lessons has found us here.  We are learning to navigate  with just our little unit.
Life has returned to a normal hum of happy activity instead of a somber song.  Our church is like precious rain that helps to fill up our hearts, sustain, and help us grow.  New friendships are budding with each of us.  Max is in full bloom and has found an oasis in the work world.  While we still long for Colorado and all of our friends and family, little by little the thorns are turning to flowers.
 We also learned that we now have two planting seasons, with the first starting now.  It seems so strange to planting vegetables around Valentine's Day instead of Memorial Day but I can't complain.  Two is better than one, except that we can never grow pumpkins for Halloween. Boo-hoo!
One of the things I really enjoyed at our old house was the garden.  It was massive and we got so much joy from watching our little crop grow and then getting to eat the fruits of our labor.  Max promised to make me a garden and he did.  He built a garden box!  He is so handy to have around.  There is nothing this guy can't do.  He never ceases to amaze me.
 Here is our first AZ garden.  It is mostly about backyard salsa!  We have tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and peppers in the majority of it.  For fun we added a little corn, carrots, watermelon and strawberries.  We will see how green our thumbs are in a few months.  Max installed an irrigation system, so I can't kill them by forgetting to water.
Max even dedicated the first garden box to me.  Oh, yes, I have plans for a few more. :)  We still have lots of growing to do, but we are all trying our best to bloom.


Blog a Blurb said...

From the desert death, the phoenix may yet arise again! I like that bird.

Lacey said...

That is awesome!!!! I love gardens! I did square foot by square foot gardening last year. If you can believe it.... my tomato plants are still alive from LAST SUMMER!! Crazy right?? I bet everything will grow GREAT there- especially with that nifty irrigation system max created. I need one of those!! Glad AZ is looking better. I knew you'd come around. :)