A Boy And His Dog

Hank has never know what it is like to live with a healthy and active dog.  Daisy was more like a fish to him, something he would walk by and glance at appreciatively.  He didn't snuggle with her and she couldn't play with him.  I think he was well on the track to being a cat person.  Thankfully, Siri changed all that.  As she has become more playful, they have become best buddies.  They play tag and he tackles her and she thinks it's the best thing and she tackles him right back.  Hank still has the upper hand on weight, but not for long.  They will often lounge together, usually in one of Siri's beds.  Today Siri wanted to take a nap with Hank in his bed.  She continued to nuzzle him as they drifted off to sleep.

Unfortunately, it appears Hank is allergic to Siri's saliva.  He tested negative for dogs when they ran the allergy tests, but they test for dander and not saliva.  Since he never got kisses from Daisy, we didn't know.  Each time Siri licks him, he breaks out in hives. :(  If we wash it off as soon as possible, he does ok.  But not even hives will deter him from loving, tackling and sleeping with his girl Siri.


Courtney said...

Poor Hank! I am sure he'd rather wrestle with the dog than forego the hives! I am so happy you got such a sweet doggie!

Anna said...

OK...so maybe I'm just a little emotional, but this post is so dang sweet I nearly teared up!!