A Happy Valentine Centennial!

We had one big celebration yesterday!  Not only was it Valentine's Day, but it was Arizona's Centennial too!  I love celebrating life and especially on holidays, so it was a really lovely day for me. :) I wanted to do 14 special treats for my little Valentines.  My number one Valentine and I will be going to Wicked for our romantic treat.
1.   They awoke to new swimsuits, candy and pencils.
2. Hot chocolate with heart shaped marshmallows.
 3. Heart shaped pancakes and pancakes with hearts of chocolate and marshmallows in the center.
 4. Heart shaped sandwiches for lunch.
 5. Very special Peep treat in their lunch box.
 6. Special Valentine's shirts.
7.  An ironic Darth Maul Valentine of suckers made Hank's day.
 8.  A festive table for dinner.

 9.  When in Rome...  I found some Arizona made wine, olive oil and salad dressing.  I also found some Prickly Pear Candy to help us celebrate Arizona's 100th birthday.  Pretty tasty native foods.  LOL
 10.  Some heart shaped pasta.
 11.  We made Prickly Pear Popsicles with hearts made of pears in them.  They were a hit! (Can you tell I am digging the whole cactus fruit thing??)
 12.  We had our first formal dinner with just our family in the dinning room.  Complete with candle light, cloth napkins and good manners.  Although, Hank is definitely a work in progress.  We celebrated with crab, lobster, pasta, asparagus, and spinach salad.  What a treat indeed!
 13.  Since they didn't get enough sugar at the parties at school, we had to have chocolate cake and chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert!
14.  Our final treat of the day was Valentine PJs for the girls, even some for mommy!  It was such a great day with all my loves.

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