This is the door to our garage.  We probably go in and out of it at least a half dozen times a day.  As we walk out the door each morning we are reminded what love looks like.  The love is patient part has been a keen reminder on those mornings when we are running late and someone forgot their lunch or their homework.  I remind myself that love is not easily angered many times a day. :)
If there is only one thing my kids remember from their childhood, I hope it is love.  I hope they know how dearly they are loved.  I hope they love each other dearly.  I hope they will be little lights of love in the often dark world.  But mostly, I hope Jesus' love lives in their heart.

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Courtney said...

Happy Valentines Day! Love the door, did you do that or was it there when you moved in? Maybe my door should say "breathe", or "relax". ;)