Pressing President's Day

 The kids had off for President's Day and as usual we had a day full of pressing activities.  We got in the car around 9:30 and didn't stop until dinner!  Our first stop was Starbucks for a little hot chocolate and some coffee to fortify mom for the big day ahead.
 Then we picked up a present at Target for the party in the afternoon.  We hopped over to our favorite toy store where the girls have patiently waited to get their newborn exam from the babies they received for Christmas from Grammy.  Yes, they had to wait two months.  Slacker mom for sure. :(
 It was so cute how the "nurse" checked them over and signed the adoption certificate.  She spent a half and hour with them.  The girls loved it!  Karlie named her baby Noel Connie and Kaitlin named hers Sophia Natalie.
Then we raced home to wrap the present, take K buddies to the party.  Then took Hailey to a church picnic at the park, went home for lunch with Hank.  Picked Hailey up and went to get our plants for the garden (more on that soon).  We made a quick stop at the store for dinner supplies and then picked up the K buddies.  Hank watched the entire ET movie as we drove all over town.  Poor guy had an entire day of running the ladies around, but he didn't complain a bit.  I feel with spring coming that these kind of days will be the norm.  Livin la vida loca!

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