Welcome Alanah Raye!

 On Thursday I got a call from my Mom that my sister would be having her baby that night!  The doctors had tried to turn the baby on Tuesday and on Thursday discovered that there was a leak in the bag around the baby.  I was able to hop on a plane and thanks to some other women needing to have cesareans before my sister could, I made it in time!!
 The anesthesiologist was kind enough to let both my Mom and me back in the OR with Kerrie.  I am so happy I could be there to help her and her hold her hand.  It is always special to be apart of the miracle of life.
 Grammy with grand baby number 10!!!
 Look how tiny!  That is my hand she his holding.  My hand is bigger than her head!  She was 6 lbs 1oz and 19.5 inches long!  Her breech little legs kept bouncing up just like Hailey's did. :)
Little lady has a gorgeous head of hair.
Big brother RJ was just beaming as he held her.  She is blessed to have such a loving big brother to watch over her.
 Both mom and baby are doing excellent.  Little Alanah has the sweetest temperament.  She barely made a peep the entire 48 hours I was there.  She is a fantastic nurser and just pure butter to hold.  I want one!!!!  Congratulations Kerrie!  We are all thrilled with latest little lady that has joined our family.  Love you so much.

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Lacey said...

She is a doll!!! So happy you were able to make it for her birth!!!