Batman and Girls Go to the Dentist

 We have spent spring break getting all of the regular scheduled maintenance for the kids.  Taking all four to the dentist really makes me miss my mom.  I used to be able to take one at a time.  We took up the entire waiting room and keeping Hank occupied for an hour while he waited for the big girls was frazzling.  Not to mention trying to fill out all four of their paper work while he terrorized the waiting room.
 It was Hank's first trip to the dentist!  He is in Batman mode right now and wanted to wear his costume for the check-up.  Why not?  He was quite the sensation with all the hygienist swooning over how cute he was.  Ladies from the adjacent office even came by to check out Batman.  
 He was cool as a cat throwing thumbs up to his fans.  When he has his costume off he likes to be called Bruce Wayne.  I am happy to report Bruce did excellent (I think his alter ego helped him) during the exam.  As we were leaving the hygienist said, "I have to tell you what great kids you have!"  We have a deal with the kids that if they get a compliment for their behavior when we are at a restaurant that they get desert.  So after the nice compliment and a good report on the teeth, we went for a treat!
Way to go my superheroes!