Hailey's Got Talent

 Tonight the girls' school had their talent show and Hailey and some girlfriends performed Taylor Swifts' You Belong With Me song.  I was floored with how well she performed!  I must have turned  a hundred shades of red, my stomach was in knots and I was only in the audience!  However, Hailey didn't bat an eye.  This girl is made for the stage.  Very few of the 75 acts got the crowd to clap along, but they were sure clapping for our girl.  She was high as a kite afterward.  She really enjoys singing and who knew she was such a performer!?!
And who's mature daughter is that anyway?  When did my baby turn into such a gorgeous young lady?  To say the least, I am terrified for her to start middle school next year.

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Lacey said...

i love the head shaking in the beginning. So cute- GO HAILEY!!!! What a little Rock Star!!