Happy 35th Birthday Max!!!!

 We had a late night last night and realized the clock had struck midnight as the boys cheered with a glass of scotch that it was Max's Birthday.  In 35 years, he has never started his birthday with a toast!  I guess some birthdays do get better with age. :)
Nana sent Max's labor and delivery bill.  Sit down, it was a whopping $468.90 for both Jeanette and Max's stay at the hospital THIRTY FIVE YEARS ago.

We pulled out Hank's bill for a contrast.  His alone was $78,423.40!!  Hank was in the NICU for 8 days so his bill is much higher than an average delivery today.  However, that doesn't have my charges either.
You might have been a bargain to bring into the world, but you are priceless to us.  We are so blessed to have you in our life.  Here is to a weekend of things that make you smile!  I love you.

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Courtney said...

Happy B-day Max!!! I think Brennan is probably lucky he wasn't there to "toast" with you. ;) Have a great weekend!
And 78K????? WOW! I love that they kept the bills.