Karlie's Day at the Spa Birthday Party

Karlie's Birthday party has traditionally been the biggest party that would usher in our crazy birthday month.  It was not uncommon to have close to 50 people at her parties.  Something about spring on the way and St. Patrick's Day made everyone in the mood to party.  This year was a bit sad as we sat down to plan out her party.  With each theme she came up with, we soon realized the games or plans wouldn't work with just two friends.  We really felt the pain of not having all our family and a neighborhood of friends surrounding us as we tried to think up a fun party.  She finally came up with a day at the spa, the Oasis Spa. :)
We checked each girl into the resort and showed them to Room 8.  They changed into their suits and robes and headed out to the pool.  The girls soaked in the hot tub and drank fruit punch before they got their facials.
Hailey and Kaitlin joined Karlie and her buddies for the spa day too.
After facials, it was mani and pedi time!
Karlie got an Orbeez foot spa for her birthday.  They are these little gel like balls that float around.  It is all the rage with kids today.
Max has garnered quite the reputation as a manicurist!  Karlie only wanted the best to touch her nails.
He is proud of his years of doing the girls' nails on the nights and weekends that I worked. He is way better at it than I am.
 I was the buffing station.
Having only two guest allowed us to go all out on their "spa bags".  They got flip flops, manicure sets, facial scrubs, lotion, nail polish, washcloths and a shirt with their initial on it.
This was the perfect cake for our little diva.
The girls were so worn out from their rough day at the spa that they all crashed by 10!  Another first!
While it wasn't the biggest party Karlie has had, she really had a blast with her new friends and all the attention she got for an entire day!

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Courtney said...

Happy Birthday (on the 17th, right?) Karlie!!! What a great idea. And you are such a pretty Mama. :)
Brennan is much better at nails than i am too. I always say it must be the attention to detail. ;)
And the CAKE is gorgeous! One of my favs so far. Great job!
Again, love how you do birthdays.