March Madness

March Madness started at our house, but not the basketball playoffs.  Hailey and Karlie started volleyball!  With practices and games along with all the other activities, it has been sheer madness.  I really believe in the sentiment that it takes a village to raise a child, or at least let your kid participate in after school activities.  If it wasn't for the moms that I carpool with, I don't know how we would get by.
Monday right after the kids get off the bus, I take Kaitlin and the two neighbor girls to gymnastics.  Another friend of mine takes Karlie home with her and then to dance.  As soon as the girls start gymnastics, we are off to drop Hailey at volleyball practice.  After Max gets off work he picks up Karlie from dance and then Hailey from volleyball.  Meanwhile my neighbor brings her girls and Kaitlin home from gymnastics.  Poor Hank is already in the car for an hour and a half.
Tuesday morning Hank has swimming lessons and after homework and a quick dinner we are off to piano lessons.
Every other Wednesday Karlie has Brownies.
Thursdays Kaitlin and Hailey have Daisies and Girl Scouts.
Friday Hailey has volleyball practice.
Saturday Hailey has horses and then volleyball games for Hailey and Karlie.  Unfortunately they play at opposite ends of town, so it is over two hours of driving between to the two.
Sunday is church and puppy school.
Somewhere in between we have homework, piano practice, dinner, baths, and bedtime stories.

Yesterday I was feeling rather worn out and down on the whole spirit of trying to let the kids partake in activities that they enjoy.  Hailey sat down to do her piano practice and it brought tears to my eyes.  She has come so far and it sounds so lovely.  It is such a gift to create beautiful music.  It was in that moment that I reaped my reward.  If they can each discover their talent or passion, then it makes my exhausting and sometimes grueling evenings worth it in the end.


Courtney said...

That's so true. I think it's important for kids to feel "good" at something. And so good for them to try out different things. What a great Mama you are.

Anonymous said...

They are learning wonderful pieces on the piano. I agree. Just beautiful. I was quite transported as well. That piano teacher is a great find!