Wickedly Wonderful Wild West Weekend Part I

To kick off Max's birthday weekend, we went to see Wicked!  It was wonderful and we highly recommended it if it comes to your city.  Live performance is really an amazing experience and such a treat.  We then picked up Monty and Jeanette from the airport and ended our night around 2 a.m.  
 The birthday boy had Eggs Benedict and hash browns for breakfast to fortify for him for the "Baby Mountain" summit.  We have a little mountain (okay, it's more like a rocky hill) at the end of our street that the kids have been dying to hike.
 I was paired with Hank and Kaitlin for most of the hike and they were so enthusiastic about it.  Hank would keep asking me if I was doing okay and telling Kaitlin to grab his hand.  He really enjoyed the climbing on boulders and proved he is indeed my little monkey.  Kaitlin was the most reserved of the bunch and grateful to have Daddy haul her up the final, rocky climb.  Karlie and Hailey were able to do it all with guidance and an adult close behind them.
 Nana quipped a few lines from Dr. Seuss' Oh, the Places You'll Go as we soldiered up the mountain. Max didn't think the kids would be able to make it, but they have brains in their head and feet in their shoes.
They were on there way up!
They were seeing great sights!
Nana and Siri stayed just below the summit but with a little help (Max acting as a Sherpa) all the kids made it to the top.  This is the view of Mayo Clinic.
The view the other direction.
Summit Baby Mountain 03/03/12!
 Panorama view!
 Hailey did a little birthday bubble trick for us.
 The family favorite chocolate cake.
Presents!  Each of the kids picked out something to give Max: Hailey gave him new riding gloves for their bike rides, Karlie gave him practice balls for golfing together, Kaitlin gave him a raft for playing with her in the pool, and Hank gave him Spider-man cartoons to watch.  I gave him a weekend of all things boy and wild west.
 Then Max and Jeanette got all dressed up to attend a Mayo Clinic awards dinner for Max's boss!  It was a spectacular way to finish off a spectacular day for a spectacular man.  

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