Wickedly Wonderful Wild West Weekend Part II

One of my gifts for Max's weekend of things he loves to do was to get ammo for all of his guns.  He has been going to the gun club with some guys from work but we haven't been out shooting since before we had kids! I thought this would be a great weekend to go blow some stuff up in the desert.
You might be a red neck if your Sunday morning kids craft is making targets for shooting practice....
 You might be a redneck if you let your 3 year old hold your 30-06....
 You might be a redneck if your idea of a family time is to take your kids shooting in the desert....
  In all seriousness, Max had a safety lesson before the guns came out.  It was a great opportunity to display how dangerous guns can be and to emphasize how essential it is they get an adult if they ever see a gun.
 Karlie really liked the hand gun and enjoyed shooting more than Hailey and Kaitlin.
 Kaitlin is our sensitive soul.  She cries at violence and empathizes with others so much that it can really effect her.  It was no surprise that she had zero interest in the guns.  After shooting her round, she was content playing in the car away from all of it.
 She may be sweet but she is a sure shot, she nailed the scorpion between the eyes!
 Boys will be boys.  Hank loved it and let out, "Yes! Yes!" as he shot.
 Blasted those scorpions and snakes!
 I am such a redneck.  I really like shooting.  I would like to be good at it one day.  Guess I moved to the right state after all!
 The shotgun kicked back and hit Hailey pretty hard, so she stuck with handgun for the remainder of the day.
 Welcome to Arizona!!  I am thinking Christmas card for sure. :)
 Had to take the off road experience up a notch and ride in the back holding onto the rack.  It was a great view and so much fun.   Even Hailey and Nana took a go at it!  When we got home we found out the shock on the truck broke.  Maybe a little too much off road for our city cars.  This is where the Jeep comes in.  Unfortunately, not this birthday.
 When we got back from blazing guns, Max set up his birthday brew.  We should have our first Oasis Ale ready in a few weeks. :)
While Max brewed we all played in the pool for the rest of the evening.
We had to delay Max's birthday dinner until Sunday since they were at the Mayo dinner.  We feasted on Max's favorite homemade Mexican and Prickly Pear Margaritas.  The girls and Nana made Max a maximum card.  They made cards and put them inside a poster board size card.  So you never forget how much you mean to them..

From Hailey:
Thank you for being so helpful in filming and editing my videos.
You are the best at building and fixing things.
Mountain biking is my favorite thing to do with you.  You make everything fun!  Hit the trail!
Dad, the thing I think you do best is LOVE!  You have a kind heart and have taught me so much about it!  I Love You!

From Karlie:
Thank you for carrying me back to bed.  I love all the new things you make up.  It's so fun!
Dad, you are so max and making breakfast!  I love your eggs and bacon.  They are delicious.
I love your steaks. I love how juicy it is and how red it is!
I love playing in the pool with you.  I like 1,2,3 fire and you launch us up in the air and we fall in the pool.  Love Karlie!

From Kaitlin:
I like it when it is Tackol Timee (tackle time).  It is fun!
Dear Dad, you are the best dad!  You are rally (really) good at painting nails.
I love it how you help me up the mountain of life.
Love Kaitlin!

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Anonymous said...

OMG, you have gone over to the dark side of AZ!! Those are about the sweetest notes I have ever read. Made me cry how much they love their Daddy! What a wonderful birthday - sorry we missed it.