Wickedly Wonderful Wild West Weekend the Final Act

To get the sense of this post, you have to hit play and listen as you read.  Those country songs seem to always play in my mind. :)
For our final day of celebrating Max and all the things he loves, we went to Saguaro Lake and rented a boat.  It was our first time at the lake.  With it only 30 minutes away, it is a fantastic find.  As we cruised along, I kept humming Alan Jackson's song When Daddy Let Me Drive.
The kids all got a chance to drive, sometimes Mommy let them drive.
The lake was set in a canyon and provided us with a beautiful afternoon to have lunch.
Something about water just makes people happy.
The girls did their best Titanic rendition.  LOL
We tried to fish but were not very successful.  As in zip, nada, nothing.
Venom made a guest appearance.
The boat rocked Hank to sleep.
It was a lot of fun to explore the lake.  I will say this place has endless places to play.
The kids big and small all had so much fun, I am sure we will be back soon.
Keeping a tight schedule (read between the lines, no rest!), we packed in one final adventure.  We went on a little family bike ride after the lake.   Kaitlin had been waiting all weekend and I had promised her we would go for a ride.  I am not about to let my little lady down, so off we went!
We really went to the MAX to celebrate!  We managed to fit in a date with his lady, a bike ride with his Dad, a date with his Mom, a hike to the top of a mountain, all his favorite foods and drinks, blazing guns in the desert, got a little dirt on his tires, brewed a home brew, a little pool time, a little boating, a little fishing, and family bike ride.  All in all we had a wickedly wonderful weekend celebrating Max in the wild west.  Happy Birthday Baby.

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Courtney said...

What a great weekend! You really know how to do birthdays. :) Loved reading about the shooting! You crack me up, redneck! but I have to admit I love to shot a 22 off the back porch of ILs at pop cans....