Sleepover With the Girls

 Hank had his first sleepover in the girls' room on Friday.  He was so excited he couldn't stop smiling and telling the girls how much he loved them.  Kaitlin was out by 8:30 but Karlie and Hank didn't fall asleep until 9:30 because he wouldn't stop talking about everything he could think of.  Karlie had plans to wait until Hank fell asleep and then go to her bed, but he talked her to sleep.
Hank thought this was going to be a regular arrangement and was quite foul last night when he learned he would be sleeping solo in his bed.  I guess he enjoyed having two ladies to talk with until he drifted off to sleep.  Maybe Karlie will get her own room and Hank and Kaitlin can share.
Nothing sweeter than sleeping babes.  

Open House 2012

 This week the girls' school had their Open House to allow the kids to show all of the hard work they have done over the year.  They were beaming with pride.  Karlie showed us a poetry book made of acrostic, haiku, couplet, quatrain, and name poems.
 Another highlight were the class books.  For each topic they each submitted a page.  One of the books was from the 100th day of school where each child wrote 10 things they want to do before they are 100 years old and on the back they drew what they would look like.  Apparently Karlie has no plans to grow old gracefully as her hair was still blonde!  I love her "bucket list."
 1. go to Colige (college)
2. have kids
3. be a teacher
4. be a dancer
5. ride a hours (horse)
6. see a seatrttle 
7. go to hawi (Hawaii)
8. see a peguin 
9. go to Pairs
10. lern how to play the viulin (violin)

 Kaitlin was also very excited to show us her room, her desk, where the centers are and all of her work.  The neatest part was seeing her daily journal.  Every day they have a topic and write about it and usually have a picture to go with it.  Seeing her progress from day one was incredible.  They are little sponges.  Kindergarten is my favorite year.  They transform so much in that year.
We didn't snap any photos of Hailey, might embarrass her.  But we were impressed with the volume of work she has done this year.  Sometimes Mother's Day comes early.  I got all choked up as I read through her writing class essays.  The prompt was Who Is Your Hero?
My Hero... My Mom

     My mom is my hero.  There are many times she saved me.  For example she stayed by me the whole time I had the flu.  When I broke my pinkie, she stayed with me until it was healed.  Let me tell you about the time she guided me through my Sate Report.

 "Uggggg..... I just can't do it!" I moaned.

"What's the matter sweetheart?" my mom asked sweetly.

"My State Report, it's just too hard!" I said.

"Let me help you she offered."

And from then on she worked with me every night, helping me plan, and making sure it got done.

     Another time she helped me is when I got sick on my birthday.  It was one day before my birthday and I felt shaky and cold all over.  I had caught the flue.  I would have fallen asleep in the bath tub if my mom hadn't come in to save me.  She and my dad stayed by me every steep of the way until I was better.  They brought me food, put on movies to watch, and gave me medicine when necessary.  All of that until I was better.

     Another story I like that is when our family moved to Arizona.  I was so sad, but after a lot of hugs and a lot of tears, I finally gave in.  She told me that she knew how I felt and that she didn't want to move either.  My mom understands me all the time, helping me through my life and saving me from all the hard things that happen in life.  Always loving me every step of the way.

    So often as moms we feel we fall short, or at least I do.  To read the way she saw these events compared to the inadequate way I had judged my efforts was surprising.  I always feel like I should have more patience, been softer with my guidance and give more when they are in need.  It is clear that she cuts me much more slack than I do.  I would do anything if I could make her second to last sentence true that I will always understand her, help her through her life and save her from all the hard things in life.  Oh, if only I could.  But I will most definitely love her every step of the way even when I don't understand her and can't save her from all the hard things.

Brace Face

 Yesterday Hailey got her braces put on!  She has had an expander and head gear getting her mouth ready since November. For her last supper, she wanted corn on the cob, bratwurst, cantaloupe, and tatter tots.
 Her last bracesless face for about the next two years!  Max and I were thinking maybe we could talk the orthodontist into extending it to 6 years as defensive strategy against boys.  He denied our request.
 She was all smiles after.
I took her to a special lunch date of blizzards since she couldn't really chew anything.  She was pretty sore last night but is feeling much better this morning.  One more milestone that means she is really growing up.  Middle school is around the corner. :(

Katie's Birthday Weekend

 The heat was on for the weekend.  Saturday tied a 23 year old record of 102 and Sunday was a record hot day for April 22nd.  It shattered the prior 63 year old record as it reached 105!!  There was nothing to do but officially open the pool!
 The kids got out the face paint at "tattooed" themselves.  I decided I was finally old enough to get one too. :)
Max managed to celebrate my birthday over the whole weekend.  On Saturday morning he brought me coffee in bed and then made eggs Benedict and hash browns.  Then he and the kids did 11 loads of laundry and cleaned the house for me.  You know you are getting old when you want nothing more than to have the house clean and all the laundry done.
The afternoon was busy with volleyball games so we stopped for Asian take-out.  Another gift was to not plan, cook or clean up a single meal!  Priceless. :)
Sunday dinner was my favorite lime-cilantro pork tacos and margaritas!
 Everyone loved the day in the pool, even Siri.
A true desert princess.
 The kids spent hours in the water and looked like geriatric raisins when they got out.  LOL
 Unfortunately, Kaitlin got her first bee sting.  It stung her on her head for no apparent reason.  A little of my blackberry pie Max made took the sting out of it though.
 A little snuggle with my Shuggie helped too.
 It was a fun weekend of relaxing and enjoying my favorite things and spending lots of good times with my loves.

Warning! This blog has been hacked.

Happy Birthday Katie

You are the yarn that ties together all of our lives,
tirelessly giving of yourself to make life better for those around you.  
I love you more and more each day 
and I'm looking forward to your next 35 years.
Thanks for all you do.


Hank's 4th Birthday

 Hank's menu for the day was cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate for breakfast.  As a special treat, he got a Lunchable for lunch at school with yogurt and M and Ms.   After school he took his best girl to McDonald's for a play date and ice-cream.  He has plans to marry her and asks her if she wants to be his cat woman.  Sounds like a pretty good pick-up line at 4.  LOL
For dinner he requested manicotti, asparagus, garlic bread and his favorite chocolate milk. Our superhero wanted a chocolate Batman cake with chocolate frosting.
 After dinner it was cake and present time.
 I hope all your wishes come true Buddy!
Nana, Pops and Aunt Anna made all the kids shields and sent Max his original shield from when he was a kid.  Sam had the lion shield that they recreated for Hank.  I found it interesting that the Phoenix was Max's.  As Max and Hank battled with wrapping paper rolls last night, Max was sentimentally transported back to the days he battled Sam.  Max said the image of the lion creates a desire to conquer in him, even after all these years.  Such a special gift!  
 We did have a funny mishap with the shields.  Karlie and Kaitlin were battling with a big ball and Karlie told Kaitlin to chuck the ball at her as hard as she could.  So Kaitlin ran full speed at her with the ball in front of her.  Karlie didn't realize she would have to stiffen her arm for the blow and the shield flew back and whacked her in the head.  Max and I were trying so hard not to laugh as we comforted her.  I imagine there will be a learning curve.  I see a sword making weekend ahead.  Hailey already has detailed plans for each one! :)
Hank got a Batbike too.  It is a bike made to look like a motorcycle that I added Batman stickers to.  He is ready to take on the most evil of villains now!

Happy 4th Birthday Hank!

Happy Birthday Hank!!!!
I can't believe you have grown so big.  Thinking about the day you were born will always bring me to tears.  It is such a blessing to have you in our lives.  
Your rowdy boy ways add a fun dose of chaos to the house.  You are forever throwing yourself all over the place like a Jedi and can't wait to tackle Daddy when he gets home each night.  You have a big heart and are the biggest Mama's boy. :)  You love Star Wars, Spider-Man, Transformers, but most of all Batman!  You are Funny, Full of energy, Frighten the day lights out of your Mom on a daily basis (started at birth!), and we are Fortunate to have had you Four years ago.  We all love you like crazy Buddy.  Happy 4th Birthday!

Kaitlin's First Lost Tooth

Today at recess Kaitlin lost her first tooth!  One of her best friends pulled it out for her.  She refused to let Max or I touch it but she was happy to let her BFF do it.  LOL.  I guess she decided to just go ahead an grow up on us.  Our big SIX year old is eager to see what the tooth fairy brings her tonight.  I just wish they would slow down and not grow up so fast.  How can my baby girl already be losing teeth?

Kaitlin's Hello Kitty Party

Kaitlin adores Hello Kitty, so it came as no surprise that she wanted a Hello Kitty party.  I think she had as much fun planning the party as the actual party.  
 Hello Kitty turned out so cute, we just couldn't stick the candles in her face, so we put the candles in the 6 flowers around her.  Kaitlin was purring with delight at her Hello Kitty cake!
 As the girls arrived they got headbands with kitty ears and Hailey used face paint to give them whiskers and a pink nose.
 All the kitties tried to pin the bow on Hello Kitty.
 Then they played pass the yarn.  The kitten left holding the end of the yarn won a prize.
 We made mice out of easter eggs and hid them all over the yard.  The kittens had to collect all the mice.  We then opened them to find rings, necklaces, squinkies, and slinkies.
All the kittens took a swipe at the piƱata.  On Kaitlin's second turn she cracked the cupcake open!
Then it was time for cake and presents.  Kaitlin didn't want me to cut Hello Kitty into slices.  She was pretty cute. :)
Our little kitten had a purrrrfectly Hello Kitty party with all her friends.

Easter Weekend

It was lovely weather for our Easter weekend.
 The kids dyed eggs outside on Saturday.

This takes the stress of mess out of decorating.
 Especially with this guy!
 The Easter Bunny found us.
 There was egg hunting.  Karlie found the golden egg, much to Kaitlin's disappointment.  Her face is hilarious!
After church we all took a dip in the hot tub. It was great to not need tights or sweaters for the girls' Easter dresses.
We finished our day with a grand dinner of lamb chops, Easter pasta, and asparagus - outside!
Easter was always a day we got together with family, so it seemed a little empty without rejoicing with everyone.  But it was nice to have a whole day of being a family with no other events allowing us a time of renewal.