Brace Face

 Yesterday Hailey got her braces put on!  She has had an expander and head gear getting her mouth ready since November. For her last supper, she wanted corn on the cob, bratwurst, cantaloupe, and tatter tots.
 Her last bracesless face for about the next two years!  Max and I were thinking maybe we could talk the orthodontist into extending it to 6 years as defensive strategy against boys.  He denied our request.
 She was all smiles after.
I took her to a special lunch date of blizzards since she couldn't really chew anything.  She was pretty sore last night but is feeling much better this morning.  One more milestone that means she is really growing up.  Middle school is around the corner. :(

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Courtney said...

She sure looks like a pre-teen with those on! And she is just as beautiful with them on as she was without!